Precious Polish - Not So silent Night *

The Irish Brand Precious Polish has released it's new collection: Not So Silent Night,  this is their Christmas collection. It is sure to get your nails sparkling this festive season!  

Not So Silent Night collection features five sparkling top coats!

Candy Caned - A mix of red and white glitter 
Frosty's Freezing - A mix of pastel blue, sapphire and white glitter 
Jingle My Bells - A mix of red and gold glitter 
Jolly Holly - A mix of red and green glitter 
Kiss My Mistletoe - A mix of green and white glitter

They are €8 each but you can also get them custom made, how? When ordering just ask for a coloured base. Don't worry it's very reasonable at only €8.50 when you want to taylor it your own taste! I'm thinking of getting Jingle My Bells with a black base! 

Are you going to get a set of custom nail polishes this holiday season? I think it would make an amazing stocking filler! Do you agree?

Trop Pop Disco Bar *

You might remember my review of Tropical Popical Nail Bar I did (here) a couple of months back. In short the number one place in town to get your nails did!

 The lovely Andrea has added a Disco Bar station to her ever expanding empire! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the bar before it opened it's doors to the public. 

The bar itself fits in beautify to the Tropical Popical salon and in no way looks out of place. In fact I think it works really well with the nail bar. 

So what is this disco bar thing all about? 

It's about putting the fun back into your night out! I love the idea of starting your night out in the wonders that is Tropical Popical, you can get all done up by professionals with prices that aim to please. Most importantly in a fun environment that will get you in the mood for dancing! 

My Disco hair transformation! (sorry about the awkward looking photo!)

Do keep in mind that the bar is only open on certain days of the week. 

Thursday: 5-8
Friday: 5-8
Saturday: 12-6

I would highly recommend the Trop Pop Disco Bar as the perfect way to spice up any night out!

For more details about Trop Pop Disco Bar follow this link

Have you checked it out yet? 

Working on an Irish Film: The Veil

As some of you know I have been a busy bee this past year. One the big things that I have been helping with it is this Irish movie called 'The Veil'. Thanks to Stephen Horgan and Constant Motion Pictures I have been able to show off my fine Makeup Artistry talent, Acting and so much more!

You won't believe how anticipated this trailer is! It has been out only a few days and has had an amazing response! I was lucky enough to see a few different versions of it, I'm not sure if it's because I have worked on it or that it is the most unexpected thing you would expect to come out of Ireland but by god I had the biggest grin on my face! 

I can tell you this much! You wont have to wait long to see this Occult Thriller. It will be out around late jan or early feb and the best part, there will be a privet screening. If enough of you guys are interested I might be able to pull a few strings and hold a competition to be guaranteed seats to the screening!  Do let me know in the comments bellow! Who knows, you might find your self in the midst of future Oscar winers! 

And now onto the star of this post! 

You can follow 'The Veil' on both Facebook and Twitter

Tiger Stores, Glass Nail File - Review

Since I started blogging, my world has opened up to knowledge that I really would have never stumbled upon. From all the blog posts that I have read, one thing has really stuck with me. Not the, to tone or not to tone debate. Something far more important. 

That was use a glass or crystal nail file. Why? It stops your nails from braking and you can file in both directions (yay!). On of the shapes that I am a huge fan of its the perfect square nail. However for myself, a normal nail file stops short of perfection. My nails will look oh so perfect till they grow out and boom nail brake! This happens far too often! 

For that reason alone I needed to get my hands on the must have item. Not as easy I first thought. For one these baby's usually don't come cheap unless you want to risk it on eBay. 

One day a couple of weeks back I saw a bunch of these glass nail files hanging on a Tiger store wall. In typical fashion, my eyes lit up with excitement hunting for a a purple file. How much did this bad boy cost? €2....yes two! 

The file is made up of both glass and plastic. Frosted glass makes up the point of the file, while a tinted purple plastic helps to create an eye appealing and lightweight nail file. 

But is it any good? I have to say it is. You really can't beat it, even on the value for money alone! I have been able to grow my nails out with no brakes, I have to say it is a nice change. Filing is now a lot faster, I was surprised at how fast and easy it was for my to file one hand!

Do you have a glass nail file? Do you fine its benefits are huge?  

Fee G *

A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure to meet the woman behind Fee G Fiona Heaney. What is Fee G I hear you ask? It's an Irish fashion brand with an international status. 

Fiona and her husband are the brains behind Fee G. How the fashion name house came about is because Fiona is also called 'Fee' while her husband, Don Gormley is known as 'G'. How cute is that! 

Each collection is called a 'story' within each story are 3 dresses. The dresses are far from that only worn once dress. The dresses can be worn time and time again! All the dresses start at €200. Don't worry you do get your moneys worth, the pattern of each dress is placed, so the print will match up at the seam. 

To find out more visit the website here   

Pür Minerals - Start Now Beauty-to-go Collection - Review *

Have you much experience with mineral foundation? Well you won't need much with Pür Minerals, all the swirling and tapping that is required with other mineral foundation brands is a thing of the past. What differs with Pür, is that all you have to do is sweep and apply to your skin. Simples! 

In the kit you will get your paws on powder foundation, a bronzer, mascara, primer brush. All the basics that you need for a fast application. What I love about Pür Minerals is that you can build up the coverage. The brush is perfect for contouring, the side of the brush is perfect of this!  

I wasn't the biggest fan of the primer as it didn't really work for me. I love the mascara! I think it's perfect, my lashes never clump, in short for me is a perfect mascara! I feel that Pür Minerals has helped the improvement of my skin and when I do wear it, it feels like I have no foundation on my face!

You can pick up your very own Pür Minerals Start Now Beauty-to-go Collection for €46.50.

Have you heard about Pür Minerals? What do you think of the brand?

Sure Maximum Protection - Everyday Fresh - Review *

I have written about this before but I love this product so much that I just had to share my thoughts of it with you. For the ins and outs follow this link here.

In short Sure Maximum Protection stops you from sweating. To achieve sweat free arm pits you need to build this up over time. I find after two applications this wonder deodorant works amazingly and it means you can actually skip one night and the effects still work! Pretty amazing right?

If you read my blog on a regular basis you will know, I am not a huge fan of strong scents, at the end of the day a strong scent ruins a product for me. I Love this product and I have used it numerous times before. It really is a game changer when it comes down to what deodorant to use!

I love this info graphic that I was sent. Some really interesting fact in it!

I can't recommend Sure Maximum Protection enough! It has changed my life and will be something that will always be on my bedside table. You can pick up your very own magic deodorant pretty much anywhere! It RRP's at €6.87. 

Have you used Sure Maximum Protection before? What are your thoughts? Do you think you will ever give it a go?  

The More Issues Than Vogue Tee

This might come across as  hypocritical that I blogged about fashion houses having that must have logo tee (here) and today I'm blogging about a quote that I'm simply obsessed with.

When I saw The Makeup Fairy (here) post about this tee on Facebook. I just had to find it for myself. It was a love at first sight moment and I MUST have it in my wardrobe no questions asked! I have informed my nearest and dearest about this lust sadly no one has acted and I would be surprised if they would. Simply I am obsessed. 

1, Here 2, Here 3, Here 4,Here

If I do manage to get my paws on the number one item of clothing on my wish list I will a post on different ways I style it!

Out of the four which one do you like most? I love no. 4!

LUSH - Brazened Honey face mask - Review

I have built up quite the face mask collection at this stage and have to say I have not found one that I would use over and over again and ignore the rest of the endless face masks that are  out there. 

For me Lush is the place to go to find something that will actually work. Yes the price points are a bit steep however you know what you are getting and you do see results. 

During my dissertation my skin took a bit of a turn as you would expect with copious amounts of sugar and living on two hours sleep. 

This was my rescue remedy for my skin. 

The mask is perfect for deep nourishment. It also tackles those pesky spots as honey has an antiseptic benefit. The mask can also help to exfoliate your skin. Once you have applied the mask and let it work its magic for 10 minuets your gently wash it off (in a circular motion if you want to use the masks exfoliating qualities  pat yours skin dry and wonder in amazement at how radiant your skin looks and feels.

You will find that the smell off the mask stays with you throughout the day. The sent is pleasant and in no way over powering. 

Have you ever used Lush Brazened Honey face mask before? What do you think of it? Did it work for you? 

Bright Light PR A/W 13 Press Day *

A couple of months back I was invited to the Bright Light PR Winter Press day (bit of a mouthful isn't it ;)) 

The event was a fantastic way to engage with three brands that I have never come across and to reengage with one that I was slightly familiar. As the event took place in the summer months it was very exciting to see the new A/W trends. 

The brands that I had the opportunity to drool over where: Olsen, Second Female, Lands' End & Simone Perele. Out of all four it's a draw between Second Female and Simone Perele. 

 It was an amazing day and great to see so many wonderful brands. I would like to thank Bright Lights PR for the opportunity to attend such a fab press day!

Dove Go Fresh - Review *

Dove has pretty much been a constant in my life. I have seen the brand transform over my lifetime and it really does have an amazing history (link)

I have always view Dove as a brand where you would find that bit more luxury and at that all important high street price. I love love my high end body washes however they are a once in a blue moon buy....when the blue moon is not out I turn to Dove to fill that need I have. 

I love a bit of luxury (who doesn't). I am a firm believer that your shower or bath time has to be an enjoyable experience. The Go Fresh range has all that you expect from Dove, a rich luxurious cream that will nourish your skin. 

The scent is a refreshing pleasure, making this shower cream perfect for your morning shower. Not only is the blue fig and orange blossom scent a pleasant way to start your morning the cream contains the 'Nutrium Moisture' technology.  This helps your skin deep down, it penetrates more layers than other products out there that claim to do the same. 

Have you used the Dove Go Fresh shower cream? What are your thoughts on it? 

Second Female - Jumper

I have to say Second Female is one of my favorite brands this season. When I saw the jumper in an Avoca store I just had to have it. That perfect wide collar in a beautiful burgundy and of course that fab quilt effect. The zips on the side are also a nice little bonus considering that zips are now going to be a big trend in fashion over the new while. 

However as perfect as the whole thing appeared to be after not even two wears my favorite jumper started to ball. Now after no less than ten wears its more ball than jumper. I really am disappointed  I adore the brand but it's not even that. I spent €80 on this jumper hopping for some longevity however now it's only fit for the bin. 

The jumper looks worn, old and frumpy! I am beyond disappointed and quite upset I only bought the jumper in September! Launch FREE Shipping & FREE RETURNS

Big news from littlewoods today! Finally we can get our paws on free shipping to our little shores from today onwards! Happy days eh? 

You don't have to worry about missing your littlewoods delivery either! The online retailer have teamed up with Parcel Connect and Parcel Motel. What does this mean for you? Well it makes online shopping a whole lot more convenient. 

For more details and a little goo on all the fab stuff that Littlewoods have to offer, visit the link bellow! 

What do you think of this fab news? Have you started popping together a list of must haves?  

Pearlys Teeth Brightening Bar at Harvey Nichols - Dundrum - Review *

Last week I was invited to try out a new Teeth Brightening Bar in Harvey Nichols. How could I refuse? 
The Pearlys is located at the end of the beauty floor and has a funky fresh bar, that suits this modern teeth brightening treatment. 
You can avail of two treatments at the bar. The Pearlys 20 minute Express Teeth-Whiten Treatment and Pearlys 40 minute Double Express Teeth-Whiten Treatment. However you can also get your hands on the Bespoke At-Home Treatment

But how does this whole thing work? Is it full of that nasty peroxide that ruins your teeth? 

1. You are asked to fill out a form, you will be asked to answer a few questions which will determine if you can avail of the treatment. 

2. During your consultation a Pearlys specialist will explain how the self-treatment works. You both agree on what shade your teeth are pre treatment (done with the help of a shade guide).

3.You will then be asked to ‘prep’ your teeth. This is done by brushing with the Pearlys Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder this helps to remove any external staining. Your teeth will feel like you have just stepped out of the dentists office. 

4. After the ‘powder-prep’ you will be given a pre-filled self-treatment tray containing the Pearlys non-peroxide whitening gel. You then will pop this in your mouth.

5. You will wait 20 minutes where an LED light will be pointed at the tray. After 20 minutes you will be handed a bag to dispose of the tray and a glass of water to remove any access gel. 

6. You will then compare your new pearly whites on the shade guide and work out how many shades you went up. 

The gel is peroxide free, pain free and perfect for those who suffer from sensitivity (like myself). 
The gel works like so: 
"The unique tray has gel on the top and bottom and whitens not only the front of the teeth but in-between and behind the teeth too. The cold L.E.D. light then activates the whitening actions of the gel.

The power whitening lifts the staining from the teeth with a whitening gel that breaks down into oxygen bubbles and water and the oxygen bubbles penetrate in through the thousands of microscopic pores in the enamel of the teeth and literally oxygenates the tooth to lift out the staining. It is extremely effective and clients will see (on average) an 8-12 shade improvement with this part of the treatment."

If you rather the idea of using  this treatment in the comfort of your own home the option is there for you. it works like so: 

"Should the client choose a home-kit they will then be shown how to take a simple impression of their teeth, which is used by the Pearlys laboratory to fabricate trays for the home kit.  This is delivered to their door a few days after the spa appointment, to help maintain their white smile in the comfort of their own home."

My Experience:

I have never had any whitening treatment in my life so this was a whole new ball game. I didn't really know what to expect but was excited to see the results. 
I found the staff to be lovely and very understanding of how 20 min can feel like a lifetime where you are sitting there while the gel is working its magic! 
There was a difference of 8 shades after my treatment. The results look very natural which I was delighted with. I did find that my teeth where a bit sensitive after the treatment, they are very sensitive to being with so I was expecting some sensitivity. Overall I was delighted with my experience and hope to return at some point. 

What’s on the Whitening Menu...

Pearlys 20 minute Express Teeth-Whiten Treatment (usual price €97, offer price €85 for October)
Pearlys Express whitening treatment which consists of a 20 Minute whitening treatment to instantly give a brighter smile.

Pearlys 40 minute Double Express Teeth-Whiten Treatment (€155)
As above but with 2 separate whitening trays each used for 20 minutes.

Pearlys Professional Home-Kit (€125 in addition to an Express or €185 if purchased on its own)
This treatment provides exactly the same trays that many dentists provide but for a fraction of the price. It is VITAL that whitening trays are bespoke and made from impressions of the client's teeth.

Have you heard of Pearlys? Are you going to give it a go? What are your thoughts on the peroxide free gel?

YSL Forever Light Creator Serum - Review *

"The first Skintone Corrector Serum by Yves Saint Laurent, integrates the exclusive GlycanactifWT™ complex and helps correct the appearance of uneven skintone by acting on dark spots, uniformity, clarity and radiance. Instantly, skin looks more luminous, its texture refined. Over time, color imperfections - dark spots & redness - look visibly reduced, skintone recovers its clarity and evenness."

Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? To be honest when I was at the press day I was excited to try it, frankly I didn't expect to see any change. Any products that I used in the past that claim to have more than one benefit fell flat. 

I used the serum in the mornings just before applying my moisturiser. Frankly I didn't know what to expect, I was hoping to reduce the redness my skin has suffered over the years, but I didn't want to build my hopes up. After about three weeks of use I noticed a change. The redness around my chin had improved drastically. At that point I regretted not taking a before and after photo. 

I am very aware of the broke veins around my nose and chin so this was a VERY big deal! I haven't used the serum in a while as I have ran out however I hope to have this beautiful bottle back on my bathroom shelf in no time. I am glad to report that the results stayed since I stopped using the serum, meaning that the results are permanent. 

Even though YSL Forever Light Creator Serum really does work and is life changing as laser treatment is now a no no. It does have a hefty price tag 30ML €76.40 50ML €102.10. 

The range it's self spans across two other skin care products which help to boost the effect of the serum. 

I adore this serum and can't wait to get it back in my life! Have you used it, what are your thoughts? Have you heard about it? 

VIDEO: Haul & Update

It has been quite a while since I put together a YouTube video. I find sharing products that I have purchased through YouTube is easier than via the blog. If you want to click into the link I have the details of the products in the info section. 


I picked up this sample from a pile of samples that had been accumulated over the years. Frankly I didn't expect much from this. Firstly I had never heard of Biotherm it was more of a 'sure I will try it because I need a moisturiser' at the time thing. 

So off I lathered it on my skin and I was shocked! 

1. It absorbs quickly.
2. No overpowering smell
3. Nourishes your skin like you have no idea!
4. You will keep on stroking your skin in amazement at how soft it is
5. The BIG plus it's not sticky in the slightest. 

The price is not too bad either: €17.03 on the website for a 400ml bottle. That you can't really argue with. 

Have you ever used Biotherm before? What do you think of it? 

A Visit To Powerscourt Waterfall

Weekends are great, most of us spend all week fantasising about that Friday feeling. Worst thing is when Friday finally comes around your left scratching your head trying to figure out what to do. So if the weather is with us this weekend why not take a trip to Wicklow and visit the Powerscourt Waterfall. 

I was there during the summer on a day that I just wanted to get out of the house but had no idea what to do. So I went for a drive and after going through some twisty country roads with no help from a GPS I would like to add! I ended up here.  

You will be greeted by a small house just in off a winding road, there cars line up next to a small ticket stall. Then you drive deeper into the mountain until you reach an opening. You will see a small kiosk tucked into the woodland and a parking area.

Powerscourt Waterfall has a wonderful atmosphere and if you are smart about it you might bring a disposable BBQ to really get the most out of the day. If you have kids with you, there is an amazing playground so you are safe in the knowledge that your little monsters won't be getting feed up with this place! If you are more into your walking trails there is a fab trail that's not too demanding.

Overall Powerscourt Waterfall is a place I will be visiting again but a little more prepared. Whats great about this place is that there is something for everyone to do! I have to say it was great to see kids playing in the stream something that you don't see much of any more!

Opening Times
Jan/Feb/Nov/Dec 10.30am - 4.00pm
Mar/Apr/Sept/Oct 10.30am - 5.30pm
May/Jun/July/Aug 9.30am - 7.00pm
The waterfall will be closed between 12th and 25th December and re-opens on December 26th

Entrance Fees

Adults €5.50, Student/OAP €5.00
Child (U12) €3.50, Children (U2) Free
Family Ticket €16.00 (2 adults & up to 3 children)

    Have you ever been to Powerscourt Waterfall? What do you think of it? Would you ever considering visiting this attraction?

    Dress for the Oversized Look

    If you're not big into catwalks and picking up this must have copy of Vogue then you might be a bit taken aback by the next BIG trend to hit our humble high street stores. It's all about the oversized look! Move over skinny jeans we want wide leg trousers to match with our boyfriend shirts and brogues.

    Top: Urban Outfitters, Bralet: Urban Outfitters. Skirt: Ted Baker. Bag: Penneys/Primark. Shoes: Converse

    How I created this look: 
    I went for a shirt so it would cover my arms, as I knew I was going to show off my midriff. Underneath I chose a black lace bralet this allowed me to bring in a black skirt. The skirt is about two sizes to big – this created the oversized look. Unfortunately it didn't come across in the photo. A green floral print is featured in my shirt, because of this I was able to bring in the satchel. I chose to not use the strap as it gives a more masculine feel. I went for cons to give the look a casual twist but a pair of heels would give it a nice structure. I then finished the look off with a red lip giving the overall ensemble a bit of a feminine feel. 

    It is a bit of an odd one to pull off. You don't want to hide your figure under clothes that will create the illusion that you are bigger than you are. I found the best way to get around this was with a crop top (or a shirt in crop-top form, as above). Considering the weather is going to turn into a lovely mess of freezing cold fronts and pouring rain a coat is the best way to introduce this trend into your winter outfit. Just pop on a pair of leggings/skinny jeans with a fab pair of patient boots and your good to go! 

    As much as I would like to say this is just a two second trend I personally think we will be seeing it for a long time to come. One tip that I have to pull off this look successfully is: add structure, this will ensure that you wont look bigger than you are…..or perhaps a slim belt.

    What do you think of this trend? Do you love it or do you hate it? Does it overwhelm you?


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