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'The Ring' has to be one of the biggest thing a girl or guy has to pick out. Unlike allot of thing to do with the wedding this is one of the permanent things and what makes this choice even harder is that their are so many to chose from, you don't even realise the grand scale of things, until your in the mist of it. 

The worst thing I found, was that went you though you settled on a ring, you start thinking "I hope this is the ring" I don't know if it was dough or what, but you get thrown into a part of life, that you simply didn't think was this complicate, you find yourself looking at other women's wedding fingers, to check out "the rock", it almost becomes an obsession. 

I will be going into more detail about "the ring" in the next post. So on to the good stuff!!

I thought I had found The Ring, but their was something that I could not really put my finger on, when It had come to time to buy, the woman who we where dealing with put me of completely, she kept on saying how unique the ring is, and that no ring is the same, the fact that she kept on saying "unique" maid me think "no its not, if it was you would have said it once"  also, I think this was the thing that put me off completely was that she said it had stones of the shoulder not diamonds. 

After that I decided to just give the ring hunt a brake for a while, I didn't know it yet, but the day I decided to for a milkshake with my good friend Ciara after college was the day I would find it. 

We where walking back to the main shopping street where I saw it, a little glint form it had caught my eye. We decided for the hell of it why not try it on, its  not as if we had anything better to do. 
and well 

I did, and by god, it sparkled so much

I touched on this briefly, did anyone's fiancĂ©e pick out the ring? 


A broken down LUAS (tram). See we really can't cope with snow.
This actually happend quite recently. We had decided to have it during Christmas......but Ireland cant really cope with one thing....SNOW, so that went out the window.

So we ended up coming up with "21st/25th and most importantly engagement party" as you can guess both of  our birthdays are quite close together.  

So we had a fancy dinner with the family and the soon to be in-laws, t'was very yummy I must say. 
Because I spent so long on deciding on a ring I ended up getting at the dinner...where he did go down on one knee with a lode of people watching so quite embarrassing for him cause he's all like "oh don't do anything weird in public" anyway I will go into all of that in detail in the next post.

Ok I need to find more pictures, the other one that I can find is slightly inappropriate. 

Found them 
Paul 'officially' proposing

SO overall the night was a huge success, everyone got on with one another and form what I heard everyone had an amazing time. so job done!

At first when Paul said that he wanted to have an engagement party I was like no, I didn't see the point it in what so ever, I bellive and still do that it is a tad unesseiray. During the "party" part I felt I was dragged every witch way and felt bad that I couldn't say talking to one group of people for more than 5 minutes. We did have a dinner part, I felt that that was perfect, their was no rushing and everyone enjoyed it. I am happy that we did have a party because I never did any big party thing before, so I am glad for the experiences.

Do you think that having an engagement party is necessary, or would you rather have a dinner with the family? or just leave it all together? 

My first wedding nightmare

I really cant believe I had one. after I woke up I was like "did this really happen?" like I don't even have a date set, this should not be happening till like T -6 months.

The dream started off with being outside the church, the ceremony had finished, and I remember focusing on the dress, it was classy but it had these puffy sleeves, like the puffy wedding sleeves form the 80's but smaller. I had a flashback in the dream, I was at a fitting for the dress and I have to say that it was quite pretty. I remember going into, I think a normal BMW or something but with my mother not Paul, but in the dream I didn't find it strange. 

We where on our way to Enniskerry (which is where the venue is for the dream wedding) but it wasn't Enniskerry if you get me, it looked more like Kilkenny. I had a wedding planner but she gave me a folder with a load of details in it and it said where the venue was, but I hadn't the venue. We went to what we thought was the venue and it was prefect but it was not the venue. I started to completely freak out and tore out my veil and stated crying over it so I ended up ruing my make-up (which I did myself :s) I also changed my dress to some orange/red thing and I haven't got a clue how. 

We found the right venue in the end, now this is where it gets strange, in the venue, its basically laid out for a wedding ceremony, there are a few people scattered around but I don't notice who they are. at the end of the room there was a fitting and I had to go in there to change back into the wedding dress. Then I sat down with everyone else in the room and I noticed that the people in the room where people I lost contact with over the years. 

Beside me was Paul, he took off my engagement ring and switched the diamond to a blue plastic thing. And then I freaked out yet again. 


We had been talking about getting engaged for quite some time, I would say we started talking about it after our trip to Italy. Then from their we decided that we would take the next big step. Of course we were worried about what people would think because we where not together for that long.

After a few more weeks passed we decided to change our relationship status to Engaged on Facebook. From this the reaction was quite mixed it was quite understandable considering we where not with each other that long. The real big thing was how do we tell the parents? so we kinda put it on the long finger. Ok yes we where not officially engaged because our parents didn't know and their was no ring. 

On our 6th month anniversary Paul had decided to surprised me with a night in the Dylan hotel (go there! you will not be disappointed). 

This bed is actually huge for an idea of how big it is: the pillows are oversized!

It wasn't the smoothest of nights, we had a massive fight. After we kissed and maid up he officially asked me, he didn't go down on one keen or anything but for us it was 100% prefect. 

Now the hard part. 
The next day we had to tell the we did it well I have to say was a bit childish. Myself and Paul texted our parents. We couldn't really face what they would say being so worried that they would say "we where too young" or "we should wait" or what was running through my mind that you "shouldn't marry her". Thankfully none of that happened  

Why now???

So who knows how far this will go, but I have take it upon myself to start a blog.


Well see I have always wanted to be one of those cool people who have a blog....but never had the reason to do it...or maybe the time.
Well who I am with my blog......

What the blog is going to be about???? well to bring you (that is if I get any of you's) along on a journey with me.

See I need your help and suggestions.

I'm getting married....but I don't know where where and all that stuff, and I will need to give people some sort of an idea when. I am just as clueless as they are. Maybe even more so because I have never been to a wedding! 

All that I have achieved to date is the engagement party and the "picking out of the very nice twinkly ring" 

My aim on all of this is to talk about my experiences with planing a wedding... and maybe just maybe to help someone who stumbles upon this. But not only this I will be setting myself a few chalanges thought out this. 


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