The Church

Like I said my to-do list post, I was going to book a date next month.
As you know today is that last day of not having to think too hard about a date (not that I haven't)

On Monday, I had a conversation with my mother about the church, what seams very stupid now but makes scene (remember wedding virgin). Is that I have not seen the inside of the church, now I have seen pictures of the inside of the church but I need to see it with my own eyes. 


This is the dream church, Its so different for Ireland to have a church like this. For those of you who know me. this is so me isn't it? I love this church so much. Since I first laid my eyes on this beauty I knew I wanted to get married here.  

As perfect as things may seam on the outside doesn't mean that they are perfect on the inside. 



As you can see from these photos is that it is a bit dated, never thought I would say that about a church. 

I am back to the very start on this to an extent. At Christmas time, myself and my mother where talking about the wedding, and she suggested Kerry, more so as a joke than anything else. 

Why Kerry?
My mom is form Kerry, and I lived in Kerry form the age of 2-6. So it dose have a strong place in my heart. 

It doesn't look like much on the outside but its quite nice on the inside.



Their is just one tinny teeny problem with the whole thing.
The ceremony would in in Irish because this is in the Ghaeltacht (the Irish speaking part of Ireland). Not many of my friends are fluent in Irish and Paul's family are far from fluent. So their is the language gap which I have to some how figure out.  (But between you and me, I would love to have it in Kerry.)

As you can guess from the two churches, I am looking at a small wedding. mainly cause I cant think of 200 people and we both have small family's.  

Are you ready to get married?

In this months Glamour magazine, I came across a love test (P.54) so I thought why the hell not!

It basically is a list of compatibility questions that been taken form different on-line dating sites, and "researchers have found the results freakishly accurate."  they broke these commonly asked questions down into different sections. 

Naturally being myself, I skipped ahead to the last section. "Are you ready to get married?"

I did look at the other sections, to be honest, I can see how they are accurate and definitely do do them!  I just think their is no need to show you, I have a stable relationship, I wouldn't have started this blog if I didn't. 

I think getting your boy to answer these questions without freaking out at the title is an achievement in its self!  so fair play!

The following questions have been created by Graeme Armstrong, who works at Relate. 

Their are a few questions in the test that are a bit personal, in those cases I will have "we came to an agreement" or "we did not come to an agreement", by doing this I can still give you a honest answer and not have to say 'no comment'.

         "how important to you is spending time with family"

We both answered that it is important

"Money is best used for..."


"What's  our financial goal for the next three years? Five?"

Paul: to make money
Sarah: to be financially secure

"Who should handle the finances?"

We both should

"Do we have a budget that will help us achieve our financial plans"


"Do we know how much we owe and to whom?"

                                                     Yes and yes

"I am comfortable discussing our financial affairs with my partner"


"I can live within my income"

"We have discussed whether we will have separate bank accounts"


"I am feeling some pressure to get married"


"We have discussed our feelings about having Children, and about how to plan our family"


"Sex is extremely important to me"
                we came to an agreement

"Sex is necessary for happiness"
                                                                                                             we came to an agreement
"Sex is a good sign of a couple's love" 


"I am afraid of being sexually unsatisfying to my future 

                                  we came to an agreement

"I am satisfied with the amount of romance in our relationship"


"I will feel comfortable letting my spouse know that I am in the mood for sex"

we came to an agreement

"I will feel comfortable letting my spouse know I'm not in the mood"

                                              we came to an agreement

"I will feel comfortable initiating sex"

we came to an agreement

"Our sex life will cool off as we grow older"

we came to an agreement

My thoughts on the whole thing????
Firstly I though it was a good laugh.  I don't think its just for people who want to see if their relationship is ready for the next big step. Its for any serious relationship. Looking back on it now, it really does get you talking about certain things that would not have crossed your mind and are potential argument starters. 

Overall, I would suggest this, and, its fun. (well I thought it was fun)

Did you do the love test? How did you find it? Would you recommend it?

A very BIG to do list

At this point in time, I am just over a month off from college, and, to be honest with you, I have started to go slighly insane with boredom! Its a very different summer compared to well all of my other summers to date as everyone seams to be jetting off to the sun for a painfully (for me) long time, or have work.  

As I have no solid plans this summer I have nothing to look forward to (I know sounds so depressing) so I am a bit lost with all this spare time, even though I have a million and one things to do this summer. 

Most of these 'million and one things' are for the wedding and the society that I am an auditor for in college. 

Apoliges for the horifc picture, I blame my webcam :P

So here it goes 

Firstly and most importantly: Get started on my two essays for college

(what happened their was that I was sick for an exam, and now I have to write two essays to make up for it, the only problem for me it that its not due till NOVEMBER so have to get cracking before I start 3rd year!)

Secondly: Get back to writing that play

(Just before Christmas last year, I started to write a play, and had every intention to have it performed and finished before college ended, but during that lovely Christmas my mom broke her arm, and it became a major distraction and the play got shoved to one side)



(Like I said above, I have been made Auditor of a society in college, around two days ago I got into a slight panic over it, as I have done nothing at all for the society since college ended, the only thing that I can really do is work on the workshops, so I am going to sort out the list of ideas I have for workshops and start coming up with instructions for all of them!)


(yesterday when I was in a book store (which i find quite fitting) I got a phone call form Bram Stoker's living relative, how cool is that!! anyway he wants the socity to do something to comemareate Bram stokers death, which I think is pretty cool, so I need to come up with a few ideas for that!)

For the wedding

Book a date!!!

(this will happen next month, so stay tuned!)

Visit loads and loads of different venues

Get a wedding journal 

(I want it to be like my ideas journal, so when it comes time to book thing, finding things, I will have an idea of what I want in my head)

For myself

Lose weight! 

(I have started to lose weight, but I need to lose a lot more, Its not even a case of I feel fat so I have to. Its a case of it doesn't suite my frame and I am on the verge of being overweight.  I am not going to give myself a target to lose x amount by x date,  it hasn't worked for me in the past, so Im just going to keep on doing what I have been doing the past few weeks)


(I really want to do it, I plan on starting it next week with a friend of mine, when she is back form holidays. I have a really bad back, I heard yoga helps with posture and hopefully it will help my back)

A new LOOK

(EllyBellyBaybee did an amazing post on this new trend called Psychobilly which can be found here, I really love this trend. Seeing this trend has maid me want a fresh look so badly now! This does not just include cloths, but make-up and hair and well everything!  the only two things that stand in its way are money and well my weight (I dont want to be spending €100 on top and then not be able to wear it after two months because its too big) 


(I am going to be going to Belfast at some point in August, I intend on picking up a few things for college and some cloths, When I had my amazing job in Brown Thomas, I went up to Belfast a good few times to go shopping and came back with some true gems) 


Get a note pad for every module in Belfast

(At the end of college I thought how handy it would be to have everything in the one place for the same module and Why did I not think of this sooner? So I have decided for my last year in college to have loads of pretty note pads)


(Ok yeah I am a bit of a FREAK when it comes to pens, I don't know what it is but I am very particular when it comes to pens, if I'm lucky a pen would last me about 2 weeks. I hate it when I would go down to the SU and find they didn't have the pen I liked, so I am going buy the pens I love in advance!) 


Book driving test

Hopefully you found it interesting, or at least entertaining! 

If you want to find out how 'the to do list' goes, or are interested in any thing on it in particular do let me know and I will do updates!

Thanks for reading 
 and thanks for following :) 

The Royal Wedding

I am not really big into celebrity life, I would count the royal wedding to be under that category.

On the morning of the 29th of April, not so long after my own engagement party, I decided to watch this historic occasion, with Marty Whelan's lovely cometary. 

I was one of the few who didn't really care about the dress, I knew it would be nice, expensive and suite her down to a T. That was before I saw it. 

One thing did bother me when I saw it. The sleeves! I am very self-conscious about my arms. 

When I would dream about my own wedding dress, I imagined a sleeveless dress, but I knew I didn't have the arms for it, so sleeves would have to be an option unless I start hitting the gym hard and now!(I also think that the whole sleeveless idea was to do with fashion trends). I didn't like the idea of selves. Any wedding dress I saw with sleeves I would instantly disliked the dress. I thought that it lacked elegance.

I thought her selves where the perfect solution (not that she needs it), the sleeves are so classy and simple. I am annoyed, it was the prefect idea, it had answered all my problems, its just that she did it, and pretty much every person on earth has seen her dress. If I do go for lace selves will people think that I am copying her?

I bloged about a wedding nightmare I had a few weeks ago, I went into a fair bit of detail about the dress, but felt I couldn't describe it to the full extent. when I was looking through Kate's wedding photos. I noticed that the bottom half of her dress, was like the one in my dream, the only difference is that their was no train. (just thought I would add in that piece of info) 

So what do you think, should I start to hit the gym hard or should I go with the selves? 
Would people think that I am copying her?


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