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1, Making cookies, 2, Ready to go into the oven 3, All baked 4, Trying to brake in my Office boots 5, A lil treat I bough myself thanks to my internship Christmas present! 6, Cookies and milk 7, blueberry yogurt so yumm! 8, Healthy dinner 9, Fave soup 

How was your week?

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1, This lil beaut is saving my nails: Sally Hansen Nail & Cuticle oil (review soon) 2, Uploading a youtube video 3, Late on my way to college so of course I take a photo of the Samuel Beckett Bridge 4, Cleaning my room so I whip out my old Max Mara debs dress....would love to wear it again! 5, An OOTD love my old ladies shoes! They even sell them in the old lady section in the shop! 6, Love the smell off this, and how small it is! 7, My babies 8, The best hot choc I have come across to date! 9, FOTD

How was your week? 

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A Review On Pixy: Bath Muffins And Soap

Way back at the Christmas Blogger meet up Pixy where so kind and gave all of us a sample of their soaps and then a few weeks later Pixy where even kinder and they send out two tickets to the Crafts Fair in the RDS!

Bath muffins sound so much fun don't they? One level above a bath boom, more luxurious and just plain yumm. Well that they are! They are quite good. There is a down side and I am not the only one to find this (I sent the poor mother on a test run with one to see if it was just me). 

Let me paint the picture, you plan on a lovely night with a few mags some candles and a piping hot bath. You decided you will use a bath muffin to help relax those aching muscles  You run the water, and pop the muffin in the bath. Everything is all good. You pop your self in and relax. When its time to force your self out of your lovely warm bath (lets face it prune hands are not a good look) you find your self holding onto those two bars at the side of your bath extra tight. Why? Well its so slippy. there is so much oil in one bath muffin that flashing images of the rest of the fam finding you in your birthday suit with your head cracked open flash before your eyes.

So the bath muffin has too much oil in it for what its worth that its a health risk. I am sorry to say. As you mange you pull your self out of the bath praying to the gods that you wont slip. You let the water drain out and you begin to notice a thick residue has built up along the bath from the muffin. This residue is made up of oil so 1, it's going to take a lot of elbow grease to get it off and 2, well your not going to be relaxed after cleaning that up.   

so with the story asides, yes my skin was well moisturised as the product suggested it would do but it's not a product I would be buying again. They are beautifully packaged and very pretty to look at as well. 

I'm going to give you my thoughts on the soaps. I can hands down say I love them! I am a bit weird when it comes to scents and I find over powering ones a turn off after a while (so much of a turn off in fact I feel sick!) So when I opened the tutti frutti soap I was a bit apprehensive to clean my Nima Mitt (review) with it. To my surprise the scent was not all that bad, toned down and perfect for a soap. 

The soaps are kind to my sensitive skin and I find they don't dry out my hands as much as other soap's. Yes I am delighted with these bars and after opening my first pack about two months ago I would say I have another 4 months left with it! 

Even though I didn't have the best experience with the bath muffin I'm not going to let that stop me from trying out other products in the Pixy range. Overall the bath muffins where a disappointment unless they have changed the formula  the soap's however where not and I'm so please I have them in my life to wash my Nima Mitt with! 

You can check out their vast range here 


Celebrating 30 years of diet coke

Last Wednesday myself and a few fellow blogges (links at the end) went along to to the launch of Marc Jacobs being the creative director for everyones favorite diet beverage and that very drink being 30 years old. 

The event was healed in BT2 and frankly I had no idea what it would be like, the only this that we did know that the bade, Diet Coke man was going to be there having already launched the new era of Diet Coke at 11.30 in the same store that very morning. 

The event was amazing with a photo booth (you can't resist one!), some yummy cocktails, great music, a fashion show from the Marc Jacobs line and of course the hunk that is Andrew Cooper. Of course we got our photo taken with him like giddy school children. 

To mark to occasion a pouch designed by Marc Jacobs will be up for grabs and lets not forget those cans of Diet Coke!!

It was a fab night and we all had such a ball! Thank you Diet Coke and Think House!!

The bloggers that I mentioned:

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1, A bit of DIY to create a bolo necktie effect (kinda) 2, Late night movie night in with some lovely popcorn 3, I have no clue 4, Full moon 5, Healthyish snack (Philadelphia chocolate cheese on wholemeal bagel) 6, A perfect flick 7, My hat in it's pride of place (on top on a lap) 8, An OOTD 9, Late Night music shesh 

Much Love

Benefit Fine One One A Review

Benefit are known for throwing the most amazing events, sadly the battery in my camera ran out so I have no pics. The girls where amazing at the event. So full of energy and very friendly. We had two amazing guest speakers, the daughters of the owners! It was amazing to see them and how they talked so enthusiastically about the product.
I love how compact Fine One One is. I think its perfect for a night out as you have your highlighter, blush and contour all in one! That saves an amazing amount of time! Fine One One is very easy to use, you just swipe it across your cheeks and blend in. It feels soft but not silky and it doesn't give a great dewy look. 

I feel this 3 in 1 wonder has been designed carefully with the non makeup fanatic in mind. Which is perfect, Fine One One suits almost all skin types so there is no fussing and panicking over the vast range of blushers that you can choose from. 

Fine One One is not just for the cheeks you can use it for your lips as well! 
You can build up the colour but I find it take times, this could be due to the consistency, it's a mix between powder and cream so if you suffer from dry skin it wont highlight any dry areas. 

I find I can build up the pigmentation if I pop on some powder after I apply it at first and then once more after. 

I think Fine One Once is great if you are in a rush but I don't find myself reaching for it as much as I would like. I think it's great for those who are time poor and those who want something that's simple and easy to use and wont find intimidating. 

If you think this product would be perfect for you can pick it up for €34.
Have you heard of Fine One One before? Have you used it? What did you think of it? What do you think of Benefit's range 

The No Carbs Diet

When I say diet I don't mean it as a diet. I just don't know what else to call it. I was debating about writing this post last night as for me parts of it are personal. I had a conversation on twitter which made up my mind. 

I did not get this way of eating out of a diet book it just worked for me as I know a lot about food etc. This is not heathy I only use to to ensure that I don't gain weight.

This will be my second time doing this. As I said its only weight management.

This 'diet' is a bit long winded so you are warned in advance.  

The Basics: 
As the tittle states you are going to be staying away from carbs. Not all carbs though, if carbs are in the food naturally then its A.OKAY
you are going to stay away from bread, pasta, potatoes (even though thats more starch), wraps, rice etc 
You are also going to want to a avoid cheese, butter, sweets 

Portion Size: 
Cut everything in half. 
Measure out the recommended amount (as most of us give double serving sizes)

Fruit & Veg:
 If you choose to do this diet this is going to be a big part of it.
Ensure that you double how much you would normally consume. 
So you are basically replacing the carbs that would normally be on your plate with fruit or veg, 

What to drink:
lots and lots of water!
Since your cutting your portions down you are going to be be hungry so its important to fill up on liquids. 
Green tea is great as it speeds up your metabolism try to have one cup with every meal
Lemon and water is a life savor read more about it here 

If you have a craving brush your teeth
chew gum
Put your food on a smaller plate so it looks less empty
Take your time while eating (take a sup of water between each bite)

ok so as a balanced diet its important to snack 
With this I don't for the first week

Sample Day Of Food:
just to give you an idea of what I am going to eat over the week:

100g natural yogurt 
100g of fruit


Salad -mix leaves
        - Tomatoes
     - peppers
Roasted chicken breast 1/4
Roasted Garlic

So yeah its not a lot. Like I said you are filling yourself up with water.
The whole point of this is to help shrink your stomach.
So I do this for about a week. 
By the end of the week I slowly introduce carbs but instead of having two slices of bread with my sandwich I will have one. 
For me this is a life style change so I do stick to some of the principles but im not as strickt.  
I am off college this week so I can afford to do this. 
I am taking vitamins with this 'diet' 

You need to stop eating when you feel full. 
I think this is a big part of it and you should carry this on after you finish this 'diet' 
I like to eat before I am fully full. - This is where eating slow and drinking between bits comes into play. 

I keep carbs to the minimum for about 2 weeks after this. 
I try to keep portion sizes to about the same 

I can't really go out to restaurants now (not that I go a lot)
I always leave a lot of food behind 

Would you try this? have you done something similar? 
Would you like an update on how I got on?

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1, My EOTD (eyes of the it even a thing?) 2, The hair serum I steel off the mother to keep my locks in check 3, So bad but so good 4, Healthy snack 5, Street performer on Grafton St (you know the summer is coming) 6, Showing off how much I love my Nima Mitt, everyone should have one! Review here 7, My college bag and my cheap ass scarf that I got in Rome looking all swanky 8, The disaster that is my nails, was so busy last week that I didn't have any time to give them some much needed TLC 9, Love this night cream, shame its only a sample. 

How was your week? Let me know what your instagram is and I will be sure to give you a follow :) 

Much Love

Sarah's Supper Yummy Double Choc Brownies

Before I start, I had already started making the brownies before I though of doing this for the blog. 

To make these supper duper yummy brownies you will need:
100g Dark Chocolate (around 70% coco)
120g Milk Chocolate (cooking chocolate  is fine but a bar of dairy milk would go down a treat!)
200g unsalted butter
360 g Caster Sugar 
4 Large Eggs 
65 g Plain Flour
1 tbsp Baking Powder 


I whent with a few cranberries, walnuts and almond flakes (between you and me they where what I had in the kitchen) 
Pre Heat oven to about 180oC/ 350oF or Gas 4

Melt the Chocolate and butter like I have done here (in a Pyrex bowel in a saucepan containing bolling water.) Tip: brake down the butter and have it out an hour or two before you start to soften it up. you can also turn the hob on speed it up. 

In a separate bowl add in your sugar, sift in the coco power, flower and add the baking powder. 
mix it all together 

Take your 4 eggs and mix them.

When the butter and chocolate has melted add in your extras (excuse my dinner)

Pour your melted chocolate into the bigger bowl containing your sugar, flour, coco etc and mix.

Once that is mixed add in your beaten eggs. Mix till it's smooth 

Pour the mix onto your baking tray and pop into the over for about 23 - 25 min depending on your oven. 
Make sure to check on it when it's in the oven. Do the aul fork test,you will want it too look like this:
you also want them to be slightly springy on the outside, this is how you will know that they are cooked perfectly. 

Why not jazz them up with some lovely vanilla ice cream. 
For a slightly healthy option frozen yogurt 


OOTD: No Plan

So I was spotted for a street style last weekend and I just so happened to have taken a quick Instagram pic of what I had planned to wear that day and a detailed pic of a bit of DIY.

I went for a really basic and just throw on outfit. The shirt is a men's Lee shirt it's a size L so it's quite baggy but I like the extra length that it gives which is great for wearing with legginess. I wore my new boots form office with it which I am totally in love with but still not broken in yet :( sobs. 

As you can see it's a necklace of a stags head which i doubled around given the effect off a bolo necktie.

My coat is last season Urban Outfitters but you can pick it up in green here
My hat is from Asos (last season)
My boots are from office they are this seasons but I can't seam to find them on line
Shirt is by Lee (I picked it up in Urban Outfitters years ago)
The Legginess are quite old, from River Island 
My bag is from penneys and once again quite old (it has served me well) 

Do you do any quick DIY tricks with your outfits? Would love to know what they are!!

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1, Some American candy treats for a movie night in 2, Nothing like having a full and organised fridge 3, A somewhat healthy lunch 4, Just in love with that colour 5, Only on the streets on Dublin 6, when the notebooks are closed you know it's the weekend 7, Excited to try this out, delighted about the SPF 8,  The lotus parked beside my golf 9, One of the best choc cakes I ever had, follow the cafe on twitter here  

So this is what I have been up to over the past while, what have you been up to? 



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