Review: Simple Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser

So as much as I like to praise a product/brand on my blog, there are times when I just can't. This is one of these situations. 

It's ok, but it's not amazing. I would much rather go with the Simple cream cleanser than this. The foam comes across as more of a novelty than anything else. 
Yes its meant to help remove more dirt and in a more effective manner but I didn't get that wow this cleanser is amazing my skin feels/looks so much better from using this. 

So yeah I feel that it is a very average product and for the same price (around €7) you can get a far better product that will work 10 times better!

Now it doesn't just end there, it appears that I am allergic to this product yes that is right, full on allergic now I got two reactions from using this product. The first time I didn't realise it was from using the foam cleanser but the second time I knew straight away. 
What happen was that my lips swelled up so much that they actually blistered (I know gross, but I feel you should know). According to a pharmacist simple is not so simple after all, and, is pretty much useless for those of us have 1, sensitive skin or 2, (like me) are fair skinned. The ingredients can cause reactions (like me) and just should be avoided. 

I would also like to add that I did tweet simple about this and they never replied to my tweet

I would love to hear your thoughts on this product, have you tried it? Have you had any reactions to skin care products in the past?

The Benefit Wish List

For years this list just keeps on growing and growing, for some reason it is the only cosmetic brand that I am so drawn to. Their packing may be fun and quirky but it's not solely on that account either. To be perfectly honest I don't know what it is. Yes the products are amazing and since 2011 they have been growing from strength to strength since the launch of 'they're real' mascara. It might have something to do with that.

Frankly as colorful as their products are, back in the celtic tiger times I think it only appealed to D4 teenagers while the rest of the makeup conscious population quickly ran past the benefit counters hoping to not have to endure having their face being repainted simply out of being polite and to cure the poor slaes girl bordom. Perhaps also that those slaes girls (the majority) had no formal training (this has changed since).

 Am I saying that the quality wasn't there? 
No, I think the quality was always there, I think Benefit where not sure of there role in the changing beauty world. Lets face it the products are not cheap, but the quality and longevity that is expected from the high end counters is there. I my own (marketing) opinion Benefit Cosmetics never did fit into the mix. It was created by normal women (i.e non make up artists) for normal women and to share with them the tricks of the trade in fun diagrams. So what would make the rest of the make up beauty conscious decided to spend their hard earned cash on Benefit products? Innovation and that quite frankly from what I can see is what Benefit it all about. Do you agree? 

Lastly, I think that with their aggressive online strategy they have been able to get more notice and have helped to increase there brand awareness which is brilliant timing with the type of products that they are putting out there now. 

And now the fun bit:

One product that I have featured in this wish list is the lip glosses which where released during the summer and are just a pure wonder product. Yes I am totally mesmerized by this and even though my top two have been featured, frankly I want all the glosses in the range. 

Do you have a benefit wish list? 

p.s: I had no intention for this post to be so long and to be so business focussed 


Just shut up for a week (well 5 days)

An acquaintance  of mine has shut up for a five days all in the name of charity for his college now those of you that know me know I am a UCD gril and well this guy is a TCD guy and well I don't need to go into the deets about the 'friendly'rivalry that goes on between these two colleges. 

Anyways I think what he is doing is pretty dam awesome. Just think about it, he can't say a word for five days all in the name of charity. Now that is much braver than getting parts of your body waxed or your head shaved. 
He has been keeping a video long of how he has been getting on so do check them out below, personally I think they are really interesting form a physiological perspective. 

Here is the Facebook group where he links the videos every night and more about why and the link to how much he has raised to date is all here


P.S: I am not doing this post in anyway to help raise money for what hes doing I just think its amazing what he is doing and feel it needs to be shared.

Wish-list Friday

I am slightly...just slightly obsessed with shoes (just a tad)
Since I'm suck inside with this evil snow and college I thought I would be in some way productive and share with you my list of shoes I would kill get my paws on (this this season of course). 
Office is by far my favorite footwear retailer so of course all the shoes can be bought it office. 

I have a birthday coming up if any of you lovely peeps yaknow maybe want to send an early pressie my way I wouldn't say no 
P.S: I'm quite the fan of number 2

But seriously, anything catch your eye? 

Hounds of Love

There really is nothing like procrastinating for an exam is there? 
Just before I went on my merry way to college to sit my first winter exam I though I might try my hand at a FOTD post, there is a first time for everything as they say!

Since i didn't have an awful lot of time I decided to keep it very simple with very basic eyes.

Base: Bobbi Brown - Bone
Lid: Smashbox Brown Eyes palette - Marble
Eyeliner: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner - Black
Mascara: Lush - Eyes Right

Foundation: Bobbi Brown -Skin Foundation SPF 15
Blush: Maybelline Dream Touch Blush - Berry
Contour: Bobbi Brown - Sandstone
Highlighter: Tess Daly Beauty - Daly Face Glow
Powder: 17 - Miracle Matte

So there you have it folks! 

Human + Kind: all in one day and night cream

I received this as part of a goodie back way back during the summer at a blogger meet up.  Read more about the meet up here

I really took a fancy to this product. Why? well it worked. The actual cream has an odd feel to it that I would not expect from a moisturiser. What I also find really odd is that there is this plastically smell of the cream which for something that is free of all natural I find really odd. 

Besides the texture and smell of the product, it's a nice one to have. It didn't my my T-zone oily which a lot of moisturisers do and well it moisturised my skin. 

What this product clams to do is:
moisturises and beautify dehydrated skin
Restores, nourishes and rejuvenates
Softens and evens out skin tone
Helps the appearance of damaged skin
Remedies minor skin ailments

Lucky my skin dosen't have any huge issues besides open pores (eww) so I can't really say i noticed a huge improvement. All I know is that the product worked for me. 

I love the packaging of the product, I think its funky and different and I really like how its in a box, its always the small details really. 

Have you tried this product before? Have you heard of the brand before? 

Nandos Blogger Meetup

As Hanna from A Bullet To The Head informed us on the twitter machine that she has never experience Nandos It had to be rectified at once!

So of course a meetup needed to be organised, and yours truly has taken on the challenge. 

The Deets:

When: It will take place on the 26th of January (A saturday) 

Where: Nandos...obvs

Time: either 6 or 7pm...who knows we might go a bit crazy and say 6.30 

Everyone is more than welcome to come but please 
email me on:
Tweet me at: @SarahHelenR
so I know that you are coming! 

I will need to book a table so let me know before the 22nd 

If you want to keep up with all that happening I am using the hashtag

One of the most overrated nights of the year - New Years Eve

NYE is by far the most over rated night of the year by a long shot. everyone goes on about how amazing it's going to be. But is it really? It's just like any other night of the year but, getting a taxi home is next to impossible unless you live in a country where public transport is actually decent. Everywhere is over crowded. 

So of course I deiced to go out and join this overrated night.

 Did you indulge in the most over rated night of the year?



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