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Milla Jovovich

Ellie Kemper

Sandra Bullock

Angelina Jolie

Gwyneth Paltrow

Maria Menounos 

Rose Byrn

Eau Thermale Avéne Anti-redness cream

This has been my winter go too product of last year. I think its amazing, compared to other products that are designed for dry skin this is light, I didn't feel that I was wearing a heavy duty products that just drags me down.

Like I said before this is a really light product, more like a wonder product that anything else. It has a tint of green pigmentation in it to dull down redness. It also has a SPF 10 in the mix, even more thumbs up for that especially in winter where we often forget to protect our self from the suns rays. This products SPF has been increased to 25.

If you do have redness on your skin and don't want to wear make up to hid it or want to give your skin a brake I would recommend it. It did not get rid of all the redness and I really do think its a lovely product to use. I would strongly recommend this!  Here is a link to there website

Have you used this product before? Have you used anything form there range?

Wedding Guest List

This really is something that baffles me. First of all, its one of those things that get redone and redone again but it will never be right. So and so may have decided to go to America for a year and cant afford to go back. Even worse the dream venue has a min of 180 guests and you cant seam to reach that number....if only all your friends on Facebook where really your friends!

If you exclude family, how many other guests are you left with? not much to be honest. Maybe 40 or so between both bride and groom that you actually want to go and then it gets complicated because lets say Amanda is also friends with Jane but you don't really know Jane that well but you feel that you have to invite her  because Amanda would be upset and then Jane would and you don't want to have to deal with two women pmsing and eating your head off so you have to invite Jane and she HAS to go to ceremony because Amanda would still eat your head off. But lest not forget about Jane's on and off boyfriend for the past five years, he has to go as well!

After this happens for 10 or more people the list rises and rises and rises but yet you cant reach that 180 mark so what do you do? Go on to Facebook and see you may have 'forgotten' so you invite those 10 extra people people hoping that A, Only the 4 people that you really need to go will go B, They RSVP and C, that not all will accept. Oh but all that doesn't include there plus one that you forgot about so now you have reached the minim amount of guests but you have gone over budget by €300 for the venue.

You cant really uninvite people especially since you hinted at them that they where invited.

Yes that can happen so easily, right now for the past week yes week I have been deciding on should I invite my own Jane or not. The reality is I don't know 'Jane' any more, we hardly talk so I really shouldn't and I'm sure if 'Amanda' dose prove herself to be a decent friend she will understand. Even though that venue is the 'dream' venue and there is no way that I can reach that min number of guests.

What really need to be done, is to sit down there and just cut people form the list, and think of new venue. You need to be fair on your self and don't put pleasing other people first! It's your wedding you say what goes! Look at your guests and ask yourself who would be there for you in a second if things went wrong and then look at those who you will be happy to pay for there meal and drink.
For those that fall outside that category they are not worth worrying about or even thinking about. (even if it is a member of  the family)

People do get over things and a wedding is an intimate affair that you want people who love and care for you to surround you.


I haven't really been putting much thought into the wedding side of things as of late. It slightly depresses me to think about it, I know this blog is primarily a wedding blog but I have been having so much more fun wring about the pretty things in my life.

Recently I have been emailing Wedding Planners or Consultants as they like to be called and asking for help with the venue, if you follow this blog on the wedding front you will know that the wedding will be in Kerry but not only this as far south as you can go Dingle!

There is really only one venue that suits and that's the skelling hotel.  Myself and Paul don't like the venue, its very deb like and there is no wow about it.  Its very standard and the room its self is far too big for 100 people. Sadly it really is the only venue suited for a wedding.

I don't think I could cope with transforming that room into an entirely different room and I don't know any of the correct terms so the risk of saying one thing might translate into something different to someone else. Another thing that I found when I visited the hotel was that the woman was pushy, judgemental and only wanted to make a sale, last thing that I want to be dealing with quite frankly.

For the past while I have been wrecking my brain whit an alternative wedding ideas such as booking out a restaurant and having our closest friends and family at it.....problem whit that is I want to dance.

I have started to become so stressed with college lately  that I have started to use the wedding as a way of escaping from it. I think its actually making me more stressed.

One of the big problems is that we have no money saved or even a budget sorted out. Usually we just spend as we go and save for small things like trips away and the like. It's not even a case of putting 50% of our income into another account its that we cant afford to do that. I don't have a job and I have tried so hard to find a job the past two years but nothing has come of it, they only want people who will work 8 hours a week and have no other commitment, which is so bizarre or my experience dose not cut it. The chances of me getting a job this summer are slim because I plan on going on to do an MA so even if I did get a job would I have it in September? It would not be fair for Paul to start saving like that because he is supporting both of us (and the cat) on his income. A loan is the last thing we want as a very smart woman once told me that the only two loans a woman should have is her car load and her mortgage.

I am kind stuck in a rut with the wedding, I would love some sort of progress right now we have the church and a date. Ideally it would be fantastic if we have the church, the date and a venue with a deposit on it! The wedding is exactly a year and a half away today, it may seam a long time away but it really isn't.

Lavender Love With Green Angel

In my last post on Green Angel (here) I viewed Green Angel in a very different light, Why? Well I never heard of this luxury skin care brand, but after I did I noticed that they where everywhere, even the boy did which says a lot!!!

I am a huge fan of these guys, firstly because they are Irish but secondly because they are affordable for such a luxury skin care that is use in spa's, yes spa's! Not only this but they have a few awards under there belt, such as the Image Beauty Awards which these guys won in 2009 and 2011.

The guys from Green Angel sent me two products to take a look at.

Firstly the eye gel

Now this is in the plus range so its designed for those of us with older skin, but no harm in preventing! Putting the ant-ageing to one side it is very good at getting rid of puffiness and I did put this product to the ultimate test with a flue and mix of ridiculously late nights. From my experience with buying some eye creams you don't get that much, but with this it is here to last the long haul!

You really do get your moneys worth! Like I said in my last post on these guys I love the packaging, its very elegant and you would be proud to show it off on your dresser.

Price €19.95 and it can be bought on line or though one of there stockists.

Hand Cream

The second product that the lovely people form Green Angel sent was the Hand Cream. I have to say I was a bit apprehensive at first. I am convinced that most hand creams dry my hands out and I end up lathering more of the product on. With this product it was not the case, I put it on in the morning and that was it, sorted for the rest of the day, no need for a top up! (well unless I wash the dishes)

I am amazed by this product but for me what makes this product even more amazing is that lavender oil is one of the ingredients, for those who know me I am obsessed with lavender I even cook with it! Now I did think the packaging was a bit odd at first for a hand cream, but as you only need to use it once a day there is no need to carry it around.

Price €19.95 and it can be bought on line or though one of there stockists.

The BIG question, Would I repurchase?

Yes I defiantly would, the products work and for the price you pay, you really do get your moneys worth.

If you want to find out more about Green Angel and other products this link will bring you to there website 

Have you tried Green Angel? What did you think of it?

Homemade makeup remover

Ever come home from a night out and just think f**k it and crawl into bed?
I do it all the time, well I try not to but I cant help it.

I have found a quick solution to this!!
It even removes stubborn mascara!

Olive Oil

I know what your thinking, doesn't that clog up pores, well ladies it dose not! Because the molecules in olive oil are so large they cant clog up your prose.

So this is what I do.
I lather my face in this goodness and pop some on a cotton wool , I leave the oil to do its magic for a bit and then wipe away all of that icky make up. I then wash my face with cold water to make sure I get rid of the oil.
For the eye make up, using the cotton wool with olive oil on it I just place it on my eye lid for a second to make sure the oil gets a chance to brake down the make up.

You may have to repeat the eye area just to make sure all the mascara is gone, and you wake up panda eye free the next day!

So what do you think? Would you give this a try? Or have you tried this before?

My new years resolution a month on

Hello Lovelies,

How is everyone doing on the new years resolution front? I haven't seen a post on an update on anyone's blog so I am literally dyeing for an update. So of you are in a blogging stump do an update pretty please.

If you missed what my resolution is you can read it here and why I chose to do this.

OK so its not exactly ambitious but my thinking was because it is so small and simple I will have a higher chance of sticking to it and gradually turning it into a routine.

So how did I do on my first new years resolution in over a decade?

Quite well, there are times when I just didn't bother and trying to do it at night time is the tricky thing, I think I need to do it before I get too tired and lazy to do it. Hopefully I will get it into a routine by March.


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