Pür Minerals - Start Now Beauty-to-go Collection - Review *

Have you much experience with mineral foundation? Well you won't need much with Pür Minerals, all the swirling and tapping that is required with other mineral foundation brands is a thing of the past. What differs with Pür, is that all you have to do is sweep and apply to your skin. Simples! 

In the kit you will get your paws on powder foundation, a bronzer, mascara, primer brush. All the basics that you need for a fast application. What I love about Pür Minerals is that you can build up the coverage. The brush is perfect for contouring, the side of the brush is perfect of this!  

I wasn't the biggest fan of the primer as it didn't really work for me. I love the mascara! I think it's perfect, my lashes never clump, in short for me is a perfect mascara! I feel that Pür Minerals has helped the improvement of my skin and when I do wear it, it feels like I have no foundation on my face!

You can pick up your very own Pür Minerals Start Now Beauty-to-go Collection for €46.50.

Have you heard about Pür Minerals? What do you think of the brand?

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