Trop Pop Disco Bar *

You might remember my review of Tropical Popical Nail Bar I did (here) a couple of months back. In short the number one place in town to get your nails did!

 The lovely Andrea has added a Disco Bar station to her ever expanding empire! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the bar before it opened it's doors to the public. 

The bar itself fits in beautify to the Tropical Popical salon and in no way looks out of place. In fact I think it works really well with the nail bar. 

So what is this disco bar thing all about? 

It's about putting the fun back into your night out! I love the idea of starting your night out in the wonders that is Tropical Popical, you can get all done up by professionals with prices that aim to please. Most importantly in a fun environment that will get you in the mood for dancing! 

My Disco hair transformation! (sorry about the awkward looking photo!)

Do keep in mind that the bar is only open on certain days of the week. 

Thursday: 5-8
Friday: 5-8
Saturday: 12-6

I would highly recommend the Trop Pop Disco Bar as the perfect way to spice up any night out!

For more details about Trop Pop Disco Bar follow this link

Have you checked it out yet? 

Working on an Irish Film: The Veil

As some of you know I have been a busy bee this past year. One the big things that I have been helping with it is this Irish movie called 'The Veil'. Thanks to Stephen Horgan and Constant Motion Pictures I have been able to show off my fine Makeup Artistry talent, Acting and so much more!

You won't believe how anticipated this trailer is! It has been out only a few days and has had an amazing response! I was lucky enough to see a few different versions of it, I'm not sure if it's because I have worked on it or that it is the most unexpected thing you would expect to come out of Ireland but by god I had the biggest grin on my face! 

I can tell you this much! You wont have to wait long to see this Occult Thriller. It will be out around late jan or early feb and the best part, there will be a privet screening. If enough of you guys are interested I might be able to pull a few strings and hold a competition to be guaranteed seats to the screening!  Do let me know in the comments bellow! Who knows, you might find your self in the midst of future Oscar winers! 

And now onto the star of this post! 

You can follow 'The Veil' on both Facebook and Twitter

Tiger Stores, Glass Nail File - Review

Since I started blogging, my world has opened up to knowledge that I really would have never stumbled upon. From all the blog posts that I have read, one thing has really stuck with me. Not the, to tone or not to tone debate. Something far more important. 

That was use a glass or crystal nail file. Why? It stops your nails from braking and you can file in both directions (yay!). On of the shapes that I am a huge fan of its the perfect square nail. However for myself, a normal nail file stops short of perfection. My nails will look oh so perfect till they grow out and boom nail brake! This happens far too often! 

For that reason alone I needed to get my hands on the must have item. Not as easy I first thought. For one these baby's usually don't come cheap unless you want to risk it on eBay. 

One day a couple of weeks back I saw a bunch of these glass nail files hanging on a Tiger store wall. In typical fashion, my eyes lit up with excitement hunting for a a purple file. How much did this bad boy cost? €2....yes two! 

The file is made up of both glass and plastic. Frosted glass makes up the point of the file, while a tinted purple plastic helps to create an eye appealing and lightweight nail file. 

But is it any good? I have to say it is. You really can't beat it, even on the value for money alone! I have been able to grow my nails out with no brakes, I have to say it is a nice change. Filing is now a lot faster, I was surprised at how fast and easy it was for my to file one hand!

Do you have a glass nail file? Do you fine its benefits are huge?  

Fee G *

A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure to meet the woman behind Fee G Fiona Heaney. What is Fee G I hear you ask? It's an Irish fashion brand with an international status. 

Fiona and her husband are the brains behind Fee G. How the fashion name house came about is because Fiona is also called 'Fee' while her husband, Don Gormley is known as 'G'. How cute is that! 

Each collection is called a 'story' within each story are 3 dresses. The dresses are far from that only worn once dress. The dresses can be worn time and time again! All the dresses start at €200. Don't worry you do get your moneys worth, the pattern of each dress is placed, so the print will match up at the seam. 

To find out more visit the website here   

Pür Minerals - Start Now Beauty-to-go Collection - Review *

Have you much experience with mineral foundation? Well you won't need much with Pür Minerals, all the swirling and tapping that is required with other mineral foundation brands is a thing of the past. What differs with Pür, is that all you have to do is sweep and apply to your skin. Simples! 

In the kit you will get your paws on powder foundation, a bronzer, mascara, primer brush. All the basics that you need for a fast application. What I love about Pür Minerals is that you can build up the coverage. The brush is perfect for contouring, the side of the brush is perfect of this!  

I wasn't the biggest fan of the primer as it didn't really work for me. I love the mascara! I think it's perfect, my lashes never clump, in short for me is a perfect mascara! I feel that Pür Minerals has helped the improvement of my skin and when I do wear it, it feels like I have no foundation on my face!

You can pick up your very own Pür Minerals Start Now Beauty-to-go Collection for €46.50.

Have you heard about Pür Minerals? What do you think of the brand?

Sure Maximum Protection - Everyday Fresh - Review *

I have written about this before but I love this product so much that I just had to share my thoughts of it with you. For the ins and outs follow this link here.

In short Sure Maximum Protection stops you from sweating. To achieve sweat free arm pits you need to build this up over time. I find after two applications this wonder deodorant works amazingly and it means you can actually skip one night and the effects still work! Pretty amazing right?

If you read my blog on a regular basis you will know, I am not a huge fan of strong scents, at the end of the day a strong scent ruins a product for me. I Love this product and I have used it numerous times before. It really is a game changer when it comes down to what deodorant to use!

I love this info graphic that I was sent. Some really interesting fact in it!

I can't recommend Sure Maximum Protection enough! It has changed my life and will be something that will always be on my bedside table. You can pick up your very own magic deodorant pretty much anywhere! It RRP's at €6.87. 

Have you used Sure Maximum Protection before? What are your thoughts? Do you think you will ever give it a go?  


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