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Working on an Irish Film: The Veil

As some of you know I have been a busy bee this past year. One the big things that I have been helping with it is this Irish movie called 'The Veil'. Thanks to Stephen Horgan and Constant Motion Pictures I have been able to show off my fine Makeup Artistry talent, Acting and so much more!

You won't believe how anticipated this trailer is! It has been out only a few days and has had an amazing response! I was lucky enough to see a few different versions of it, I'm not sure if it's because I have worked on it or that it is the most unexpected thing you would expect to come out of Ireland but by god I had the biggest grin on my face! 

I can tell you this much! You wont have to wait long to see this Occult Thriller. It will be out around late jan or early feb and the best part, there will be a privet screening. If enough of you guys are interested I might be able to pull a few strings and hold a competition to be guaranteed seats to the screening!  Do let me know in the comments bellow! Who knows, you might find your self in the midst of future Oscar winers! 

And now onto the star of this post! 

You can follow 'The Veil' on both Facebook and Twitter

A Visit To Powerscourt Waterfall

Weekends are great, most of us spend all week fantasising about that Friday feeling. Worst thing is when Friday finally comes around your left scratching your head trying to figure out what to do. So if the weather is with us this weekend why not take a trip to Wicklow and visit the Powerscourt Waterfall. 

I was there during the summer on a day that I just wanted to get out of the house but had no idea what to do. So I went for a drive and after going through some twisty country roads with no help from a GPS I would like to add! I ended up here.  

You will be greeted by a small house just in off a winding road, there cars line up next to a small ticket stall. Then you drive deeper into the mountain until you reach an opening. You will see a small kiosk tucked into the woodland and a parking area.

Powerscourt Waterfall has a wonderful atmosphere and if you are smart about it you might bring a disposable BBQ to really get the most out of the day. If you have kids with you, there is an amazing playground so you are safe in the knowledge that your little monsters won't be getting feed up with this place! If you are more into your walking trails there is a fab trail that's not too demanding.

Overall Powerscourt Waterfall is a place I will be visiting again but a little more prepared. Whats great about this place is that there is something for everyone to do! I have to say it was great to see kids playing in the stream something that you don't see much of any more!

Opening Times
Jan/Feb/Nov/Dec 10.30am - 4.00pm
Mar/Apr/Sept/Oct 10.30am - 5.30pm
May/Jun/July/Aug 9.30am - 7.00pm
The waterfall will be closed between 12th and 25th December and re-opens on December 26th

Entrance Fees

Adults €5.50, Student/OAP €5.00
Child (U12) €3.50, Children (U2) Free
Family Ticket €16.00 (2 adults & up to 3 children)

    Have you ever been to Powerscourt Waterfall? What do you think of it? Would you ever considering visiting this attraction?

    Taking a lil brake

    In case you have noticed my absence from the blogging world. 

    I have deiced to take a brake from blogging till my dissertation is complete. 

    Source: here

    Trying to balance a blog, work and a dissertation is proving to be too much and my beloved blog is being left behind. 

    Funnily enough my dissertation is on blogging. 

    'THE VEIL' Needs YOUR Help

    As some of you know I am involved in an amazing new Irish feature film which is simply amazing to be a part of and guys if you are reading this THANK YOU!

    I have had the honor of reading the scrip (very protective write/director) and I can say its amazing! The trouble is we need funds to help create this amazing film. We have started filming but if we can't pay for the equipment etc we are not going to have much of a film on our hands. We know that times are tight and fully understand that you may not be abel to give, but if you can even a €1 that would be amazing as it means we are one step closer to our target. 

    Check out the fund it link for more details about the production and enjoy the two trailers! I hope you like them 

    The all important fund it link it bellow which has a lot more deets about the production!

    The Veil Fund It Page (click here)

    If you want to get more involved with whats going on (or are just noisy ;) ) check out these pages:

    The Veil Facebook page

    The Veil Twitter Page

    Tips For Breaking In Heels

    There is nothing like buying a brand new pair of heels that you have simply fallen in love with, and, can't wait to trot around showing off your new babies. You pop on home and try time on - perfection. They don't hurt (or don't hurt much) so you deiced to show them off in work. Twenty minuets into your day and it hits you like a brick wall. You can't move and heat, pinching and crippling agony is searing trough your feet. Sad times, who knows when that pair of shoes will see the light of day again.

    Some shoes don't take too long to be broken into others it feels like a life time. However it can be done!

    1. You can cause so much unneeded pain by walking toe first, it takes a little practise to get out of the habit of walking toe first but once you do you will notice a BIG difference. 

    2. This is great if you work in a office, you can just pop them on when you are in work till they start hurting your feet and switch back into your comfy flats, simply repeat this process till they are broken in. You can also wear them when you are doing your weekly shop (I find this is a great way to brake  in any uncomfortable shoe)

    3. This is by far my favourite trick in the book, I am a half size and high street stores do not provide half size shoes and when they do they never have them in stock so I am always stuck with a size 8 shoe. Not only does an insole make the shoe fit better but it gives much needed cushioning which works wonders at helping your new pair of heels adjust to your feet.

    4. I have never actually used this but I have heard to works wonders and is super fast! Just pop on a pair of tick socks and squeeze your feet in those fab shoes and any areas that feel tight or are pinching your feel blast that hairdryer at them, let your shoes cool with your feet still in them and they should have stretched. 

    Do you have any tricks for braking in shoes?

    Dun Laoghaire: Peoples Park Market

    For a part of Dublin that is just a hop skip and a Dart journey away it is an awful quite place during the week but once Friday roles around a sense of life come to this sea side town. 

    I love heading down to Dun Laoghaire on a Sunday to visit the market. This market may possibly be my favourite as the atmosphere is simply amazing in comparison to others. I think a lot of this comes down to how spaced out Peoples Park is giving lots of space for market dwellers and shoppers. 

    One of my favourite stand has to be the falafel stand, you can't go wrong with a full meal for €5! It's major yum! 

    What we buy is quite predictable but its so good! You really can't go wrong with some hummus, [we picked up basil hummus this time and between you and me it's fab] butter bean sun dried tomato salad, rosemary and sea salt bread and to finish off the shopping list some cheese and onion bread sticks

    I received this fab statement necklace from an event I attend, it's from a brand called Second Female which is now one of my favourite brands!

    What do you do on a Sunday? Do you have a favourite market to visit? 

    Sally Hansen: Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil

    I have never been big into nail care, only two years ago I started using a base coat before applying a fresh coat of polish (how awful I know!)

    I'm still not really into it, but I do have a routine when it comes to my weekly nail make over. Sally Hansen has been featured on this blog before (here & here). Frankly the results I have seen are outstanding I have been using the Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil for almost nine months now! What attracted me to this oil is that it contains Vitamin E and helps to prevent breakage thus simply making the nail stronger. 

    Progress has been slow but the results are amazing, my nails have become far more stronger and my nails don't brake a easily as they used to. The only reason why I feel results are slow is because I only use Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil once a week at most. 

    The RRP is €6.25 and it will last you months! 

    What do you think of Sally Hansen? Have you used the oil before? 

    Whats In My Makeup Bag: The kerry Edition

    About two weeks ago I went on a bit of a train and bus trip down to the most southerly point of the county. As exciting of an adventure that might sound it's not really, having to be up at 5am to get into Huston train station and then take two trains and two buses just to reach this part of Ireland it is a bit of a challenge.

    In true Irish fashion the second bus runs twice a week and runs twice on those days, both before 1pm. It was by pure chance that I was able to get it. Needles to say the bus driver was a bit stunned that I was going out to Dún Chaoin. Why was I going to this part of the county? well I have family hear and I used to live in this region. 

    Being up ridiculously early the ritual of applying makeup before the rest of the world sees you goes out the window. I planned to apply my face on one of the two train trips. I didn't bring much makeup wise, I kept it very simple and lightweight. The only thing that I went a bit OTT with was that I brought my NIMA Brush set along with me.

    Cargo TexasLash volumizing mascara*// Bourjois healthy mix serum// Smashbox photo finish colour correcting primer: green//  Boots Soltan once a day sun cream// Bobbi Brown eyeshadow: bone// Cargo contour kit*

    I found travelling with the NIMA Brushs an ease, this was simply down to the tube that holds the brushes, it is a bit on the bulky side and if I are travelling abroad I would not bring it as part of my carry on luggage. 

    I find the Bourjois Healthy mix serum in shade 51 too dark for my ghost like complexion so I mix it with the Soltan sun screen to match up to my true complexion.

    Out of everything the Cargo Contour kit is my favourite, I am a bit fan of contouring and was really excited to see this as part of a goodie bag from an event I have attend in May. This is beyond fab to travel with as your basic face essentials are there and there is a MASSIVE sharp mirror.

    So the finishing look is  very understated but I quite like it for a very simple FOTD look. Perfect for the office or of course when you are on holidays 

     *PR Sample 

    What do you bring with you on your travels?


    To Dublin Zoo

    A trip to the Zoo for many is the start of longer days and hotter months ahead. Of course with our unpredictable Irish weather that trip might be a bit of a disappointment and that ritual for marking the beginning of summer is  dampened.

    However when you plan a trip to the zoo and the weather gods are with you it's an amazing day! Two weeks ago I went along to Dublin Zoo and had the most wonderful time. I adore the zoo and everything that comes with it even if it's not the cheapest day out the experience/memories are worth it!

    Do you have a ritual to mark the start of a new season?


    Nima Brush "The Sunshine Collection" - 50% off!!!

    Yup you read that right the amazing Nima Brushes are 50% off, that means €35 for you!! 

    Seriously this is an amazing deal, I just got the The Elite Collection brushes there three days ago and I adore them, obvs too early for a review but its is an amazing opportunity!! 

    Womans World Show 2013 (June Bank Holiday)

    Hey guys, 

    I normally don't pop up press releases on the aul blog but considering this one caught my eye and you can get your hands on free tickets I thought why now! This June bank holiday you will be able to go venture off to the RDS and have a ball of a time so read on for more details as to what this event is about

    In short it's all things grily and its free!! (why not really?)

    "Get your summer off to a great start with Womans World 2013. With exhibitors and experts from the worlds of Fashion, Health, Food, Beauty, Women’s Health, Fitness, Wellbeing and the largest female event in Ireland, your favourite feel-good show just got even bigger.

    Womans World marks its 16th birthday this year at Simmonscourt, RDS, Dublin, from Friday 31st May – Sunday 2nd June. Over a decade of bringing Ireland the latest trends and technology in all things health, beauty and fitness has made us the largest event of its kind (not that we’re boasting). The experiences on offer reflect the varied and diverse lifestyle of our audience and this year is as epic as ever. Once again leading authorities and celebrity experts will grace the stages, giving advice to our guests on everything from this summer’s leading trend’s to how to dress for your shape, and the most indulgent pampering sessions in town at our pamper zone as well as exciting live Chef stages, a Health Check Area, Tan Experts, beauty Salons and of course our exciting fashion pavilion.

    For the first time we have teamed up with to bring you this year’s exciting catwalk shows with 15 shows taking place over the weekend. Womans World will bring an arena full of Health check, sporting specialists, footwear and sports retailers to assist you with your women’s sporting wardrobe. Not forgetting our personal lives, we are also enrolling our guests in a Style academy, which features everything style, shape, fashion, what you wear and how to wear it, all you need to be a success in style with loads of advice from our style expert Julie Cobbe. We will also be conquering the Gourmet Goddess in us all with lessons and tips from a great line-up of top chefs on the Knorr Live Chef stages so you can cook up a storm this summer. All in a day’s work!

     You will be able to toast with the girls to a good summer ahead from the Ribena plus style bar whilst getting a manicure at Bushra’s Beauty Salon.

    So grab your girlfriends, pick up a glass of Ribena Plus and book your places for the ultimate feel-good event, Womans World. You can download your tickets for free for a limited time at or download our womansworld app- so get on it!"

    So like what you hear? do you think you will be going?


    Guess who's two today?

    Yup that's right A Little Bit of Love is now two years old!

    Oh your getting old blog!

    Thank you all for reading and of course you fab comments!

    Tag: My First Makeup Experience[s]

    As beauty bloggers it's interesting to know in the early days what our experiences where with makeup.....well I find them interesting at least!

    We all have different backgrounds to when it comes to falling into our obsession with makeup. Some where lucky to have a guide to show them the way while others like myself where self thought and ended up with some pretty embracing makeup stores!

    In this video I talk about my own experiences with makeup and share with you some of my embracing makeup related stories. 

    BTW: I tag you (mainly cause I'm way too noisy for my own good) 

    Uh-OH I'm broke and I HAVE to be in this social situation!

    One of the worst things about being a blogger or actually having a passion for that bottle of red is being broke.

    For some they are embarrassed that their funds can't stretch as far as they like. I have never been one of these people. I have been broke for the past 5 years. No income and the college lifestyle is something that only those with a job can afford. Now I tried to find work but retail managers do not want college students we are not flexible enough for them (one of the reason's why I dislike the management style of the retail industry).

    Everyone has a broke stage, if you didn't you are very lucky; but I personally feel you need that broke stage to build a respect for money. Anyways social engagements are a bit of nightmare if you are looking in your purse and all you see is your only €2 in the world. You have two choices make up a lame excuse and go on your merry way or casually say that the budget is tight but a water will be fine so you don't miss out on the bants!

    For me informing whoever it is your meeting beforehand that your funds aren't looking too tasty, at least if you tell them in a neutral environment they 1, don't care 2, thankfully (yes i am actually saying this) we are in a recession so being broke is not as much of a embarrassment as it may be pre-recession. It an accepted part in society nowadays that people don't have the funds that we once did.

    Basically long story short, I find being honest about it works a hell of a lot better than lying about it.

    What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree or disagree?


    It's My Birthday and I will blog if I want to

    To celebrate I have deiced to do something a little different. I have seen a lot of bloggers do this, and I think having it written down on in this case online for the whole world to see you are that bit more determent to see it through. 

    So I have a few goals that I want to achieve before my next birthday 

    1, Buy this amazing handbag the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Bag Black Frilly Snake Shopper Handbag has been something I have had my eye on for quite some time. I has been my goal to own a designer handbag. I have always admired Vivienne Westwood as a designer with her bold prints and well structured designs. For me this bag may not cost a lot for a designer item but I know I will achieve this goal
    2. Buy the full Elite Collection from Nima Brushes. Ever since I saw these beauts back in September I knew I just had to have them. I am forever dreaming about expanding my makeup brush collection and I just adore these brushes. 

    3. And what list would be complete without a pair of louboutin's. There is nothing like investing in a pair of shoes that I know will serve me the rest of my life. 
    4. To have either started or saved up to do a makeup course. It's not that I want to become a makeup artist nor do I even think I have the talent to pursue a career in it. I just feel it's the next right step. I would like some sort of qualification in a makeup artistry course. I feel there is so much we can learn for other beauty bloggers and youtubers but doing a course in it is something else. 

    5. To have done one suger craft lesson or baking lesson. Baking for me is something that I adore doing. I wouldn't say I have a talent for it but I do find it easy and extremely enjoyable. I have always wanted to learn more.

    So there you have it. My list of five things that I need to do before this very date next year. 

    Do you have a list like this?

    Feel the Dove Difference Event

    So a few weeks ago I was invited to a  Dove event in our fair city. Upon arrival we where greeted to a Dove passport which I was to use to find the products from Dove’s amazing new range that would suit my hair and skin perfectly!

    Have a look at some of Dove’s previous ad campaigns. Dove has really come along a long way and now it’s time for a new chapter in the long Dove history. The new campaign is called the Dove Difference. It’s taking those pamper nights to the next level especially when it comes to their hair care range. They have upped their game and have got many nods off approval over their new products from the beauty gurus.

    Prepare to read many reviews on the new products and find out if I did feel the dove difference  to give you an idea of how Dove crazy the blog is going to be for the next while just check out the pic below! Between you and me I loving the new dove range! 

    Do you have a favourite Dove product? What do you think of Dove?


    A New Survey On Our Relationship With Food

    So a few weeks back I popped along to a Lowlow event. We where not really sure what to expect considering we are all about the fashion and beauty not so much about the diet food – even though perhaps that something that goes on behind the scenes.

    Lowlow had sponsored at bit of research into women and dieting along with how we perceive ad’s. There was a panel that consisted of Lucy Kennedy, Síle Seoigea philologists and nutritionist. They shared with us some of the findings and we had a little chat while we munched on some amazing lowlow inspired recipes.

    The study on the attitudes of Irish women reveals that 77% believe that advertising campaigns selling diet and weight loss foods portray women having an unhealthy relationship with food. In reality the Irish female is more pragmatic in her approach. Food is not just a necessity – an overwhelming 81% believe that food is something to be savoured and enjoyed.

    Worryingly, key statistics indicated that 78% of survey respondents view the models featured in stereotypical ads as having unrealistic, unattainable body shapes. In addition 51% felt the portrayal of women in these ads is clichéd. However it is clear this only serves to alienate Irish women because 74% say it would make them less likely to purchase the product being advertised.

    According to the survey results, there is strong consensus amongst Irish women about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle – 74% agree that eating a balanced diet with the occasional treat equals a healthy lifestyle. It’s clear however that consumers are always looking for new ideas and help to fit this healthy diet around their busy lifestyles because 63% admit to feeling guilty when their food choices aren’t what they consider to be healthy.

    LowLow’s study of the Irish female consumer shows just how disciplined and pragmatic she is in her approach to food.  57% say that tasty, healthy food is more important than being able to eat what they want (37%) proving that a ‘YesYes’ attitude to eating is the way forward!

    What do you think of these findings? Do you feel you fall into these category’s?  At the end of the event we came to the conclusion that things are changing but we all need to change our attitude to food and not let those pesky ads or that slice of cake make up feel bad!



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