€50,000 too much

This week I found out that another couple that are getting married soon put a deposit down on there venue to the tune of €10,000 yes that much!

so...for the venue it's self it is costing them around €50,000. I'm sure there are some lovely pluses in there but are they really worth it?

Now don't get me wrong, they are not swimming in money and they have saved every cent that they can get there hands on but it is a figure I can't get my head around.

Myself and Paul have been looking at venues where the most expensive deposit is €2,000. I don't know if this is because we are looking in the country or is is that they are just paying a lot of money for a very 'exclusive' venue?

The average cost of a wedding is €20,000, that's two and a half weddings just on the venue its self.

To be honest with you, with our numbers it is looking like €20,000 might be hard to reach let alone €50,000. I find it to be mind blowing!

Do you know people that have spent so much for the venue alone? Was it amazing or just average? 

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Rome wasn't built in a day

We seam to have a bit of a love affair with Italy, our last holiday overseas was Italy and that was our first. Unlike our last big holiday we decided to stick to one city instead of moving around. 

Last year there was talk of going to Rome but in the end it was pushed to one side. This holiday was in fact a 21st present form my Uncle and Aunt.We where there for 6 nights but really we only had 4 days. We actually saw so much in those days and the most in two days. The only thing we didn't see was the forum, we where not too pushed to do it considering you can see it for free! 

Most of these pictures are taken at night time, we have well over 400 photos WOW! We ate so much ice cream while we where there. Overall it really is one of those things you can do in two days. I think people make it out to be so much better than what it is which ends up being a bit of a disappointment, we had watched a lot of shows about Rome and the impression we got was that we would run out of time before seeing everything. I don't know if this is a bad thing or not but everyone spoke English or had a bit so we didn't feel too stuck.

If you are planing a trip any time soon do the open bus tours, such a great way of getting the gist of the city! If you want to see more photos just comment or email :)

eBay Haul

I have a confession to make,

I am a bit of a eBay virgin....well was.

There was always something about eBay that fascinated me, but I only looked and never bought. The thought of having to bid on something put me off along with lacking a credit card. So like many other things in life it was shoved to one side and I allowed the cobwebs to consume it. That is until last year. When I noticed that a girl in college owned some of the most fantastically bizarre jewellery that I had ever laid my eyes on. I, being one who can not resits this type of jewellery, had to brake my rule of asking people where they got stuff and to my surprise it was not some quirky shop in Dublin that only the 'it' people knew about but in fact humble old eBay. Oh I had you wrong. That very night I dusted away the cobwebs and started browsing. 

Even though that night marked my realisation of an even greater shopping world with amazing cheap products I still did not buy, along with realising that there is a buy now option. So up until a few weeks ago I decided on purchasing a few of these fascinating products as a little treat. 

Have you taken the plunge? Are there any eBay shops you recommend? 

The freedom of the open road

Hello all,

I have been away on holidays for the last few days so that's why things have been quite... don't worry I have loads of posts lined up to keep you entertained.

A few days before we left for Italy I had my driving test, and I passed! (first time)

Myself and Paul decide to take a drive up the Wicklow mountains to celebrated. Also I thought I would share a few of these photos with my American followers as I have a good few. So this is just for you guys!


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