About Me

I am a 20 something Irish Marketing student. I have been loving every minuit of  blogging for over the past two years! 

I blog about whatever takes my fancy, mostly beauty focusing on skin care most as I am far too obsessed with a good skin care routine for my own good and pocket! I had worked for an online fashion magazine as an intern which was an amazing experience, there I learnt so much and really enjoyed it. It was an amazing creative outlet and helped to build confidence in both my photoshop skills and writing style. 

I hope you enjoy all my fine writing skills and photography skills :p 

I was spotted for a street style for The Fair magazine In February 2013
For the full details of the outfit check out this link: here

Oh look who was in the Metro Herald on the 27.05.13

Was on the beauty panel for Hi Magazine - August 2013

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