Pearlys Teeth Brightening Bar at Harvey Nichols - Dundrum - Review *

Last week I was invited to try out a new Teeth Brightening Bar in Harvey Nichols. How could I refuse? 
The Pearlys is located at the end of the beauty floor and has a funky fresh bar, that suits this modern teeth brightening treatment. 
You can avail of two treatments at the bar. The Pearlys 20 minute Express Teeth-Whiten Treatment and Pearlys 40 minute Double Express Teeth-Whiten Treatment. However you can also get your hands on the Bespoke At-Home Treatment

But how does this whole thing work? Is it full of that nasty peroxide that ruins your teeth? 

1. You are asked to fill out a form, you will be asked to answer a few questions which will determine if you can avail of the treatment. 

2. During your consultation a Pearlys specialist will explain how the self-treatment works. You both agree on what shade your teeth are pre treatment (done with the help of a shade guide).

3.You will then be asked to ‘prep’ your teeth. This is done by brushing with the Pearlys Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder this helps to remove any external staining. Your teeth will feel like you have just stepped out of the dentists office. 

4. After the ‘powder-prep’ you will be given a pre-filled self-treatment tray containing the Pearlys non-peroxide whitening gel. You then will pop this in your mouth.

5. You will wait 20 minutes where an LED light will be pointed at the tray. After 20 minutes you will be handed a bag to dispose of the tray and a glass of water to remove any access gel. 

6. You will then compare your new pearly whites on the shade guide and work out how many shades you went up. 

The gel is peroxide free, pain free and perfect for those who suffer from sensitivity (like myself). 
The gel works like so: 
"The unique tray has gel on the top and bottom and whitens not only the front of the teeth but in-between and behind the teeth too. The cold L.E.D. light then activates the whitening actions of the gel.

The power whitening lifts the staining from the teeth with a whitening gel that breaks down into oxygen bubbles and water and the oxygen bubbles penetrate in through the thousands of microscopic pores in the enamel of the teeth and literally oxygenates the tooth to lift out the staining. It is extremely effective and clients will see (on average) an 8-12 shade improvement with this part of the treatment."

If you rather the idea of using  this treatment in the comfort of your own home the option is there for you. it works like so: 

"Should the client choose a home-kit they will then be shown how to take a simple impression of their teeth, which is used by the Pearlys laboratory to fabricate trays for the home kit.  This is delivered to their door a few days after the spa appointment, to help maintain their white smile in the comfort of their own home."

My Experience:

I have never had any whitening treatment in my life so this was a whole new ball game. I didn't really know what to expect but was excited to see the results. 
I found the staff to be lovely and very understanding of how 20 min can feel like a lifetime where you are sitting there while the gel is working its magic! 
There was a difference of 8 shades after my treatment. The results look very natural which I was delighted with. I did find that my teeth where a bit sensitive after the treatment, they are very sensitive to being with so I was expecting some sensitivity. Overall I was delighted with my experience and hope to return at some point. 

What’s on the Whitening Menu...

Pearlys 20 minute Express Teeth-Whiten Treatment (usual price €97, offer price €85 for October)
Pearlys Express whitening treatment which consists of a 20 Minute whitening treatment to instantly give a brighter smile.

Pearlys 40 minute Double Express Teeth-Whiten Treatment (€155)
As above but with 2 separate whitening trays each used for 20 minutes.

Pearlys Professional Home-Kit (€125 in addition to an Express or €185 if purchased on its own)
This treatment provides exactly the same trays that many dentists provide but for a fraction of the price. It is VITAL that whitening trays are bespoke and made from impressions of the client's teeth.

Have you heard of Pearlys? Are you going to give it a go? What are your thoughts on the peroxide free gel?


  1. How long did the whitening effects last for?

    1. I'm not really sure. I smoked at the time so I can't really give an accurate response

  2. Thanks for the share! I’ve underwent whitening treatment as well and it’s really fulfilling. After several sessions, my teeth were about 5 shades whiter. I never thought that I could have those whiter teeth again after smoking for almost decades.
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