YSL Forever Light Creator Serum - Review *

"The first Skintone Corrector Serum by Yves Saint Laurent, integrates the exclusive GlycanactifWT™ complex and helps correct the appearance of uneven skintone by acting on dark spots, uniformity, clarity and radiance. Instantly, skin looks more luminous, its texture refined. Over time, color imperfections - dark spots & redness - look visibly reduced, skintone recovers its clarity and evenness."

Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? To be honest when I was at the press day I was excited to try it, frankly I didn't expect to see any change. Any products that I used in the past that claim to have more than one benefit fell flat. 

I used the serum in the mornings just before applying my moisturiser. Frankly I didn't know what to expect, I was hoping to reduce the redness my skin has suffered over the years, but I didn't want to build my hopes up. After about three weeks of use I noticed a change. The redness around my chin had improved drastically. At that point I regretted not taking a before and after photo. 

I am very aware of the broke veins around my nose and chin so this was a VERY big deal! I haven't used the serum in a while as I have ran out however I hope to have this beautiful bottle back on my bathroom shelf in no time. I am glad to report that the results stayed since I stopped using the serum, meaning that the results are permanent. 

Even though YSL Forever Light Creator Serum really does work and is life changing as laser treatment is now a no no. It does have a hefty price tag 30ML €76.40 50ML €102.10. 

The range it's self spans across two other skin care products which help to boost the effect of the serum. 

I adore this serum and can't wait to get it back in my life! Have you used it, what are your thoughts? Have you heard about it? 


  1. I love this serum! But its so pricey xx

    1. I know the price is a major issue but it works so for me if i can afford it I will kinda thing .....think I might ask santa for it ;) x

  2. Great results but wow the price. Can't help but think the name contributes to that a bit. Still though. Good.x


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