Second Female - Jumper

I have to say Second Female is one of my favorite brands this season. When I saw the jumper in an Avoca store I just had to have it. That perfect wide collar in a beautiful burgundy and of course that fab quilt effect. The zips on the side are also a nice little bonus considering that zips are now going to be a big trend in fashion over the new while. 

However as perfect as the whole thing appeared to be after not even two wears my favorite jumper started to ball. Now after no less than ten wears its more ball than jumper. I really am disappointed  I adore the brand but it's not even that. I spent €80 on this jumper hopping for some longevity however now it's only fit for the bin. 

The jumper looks worn, old and frumpy! I am beyond disappointed and quite upset I only bought the jumper in September! 

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