My wonder product of 2012: Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimiser

Sadly whatever way my skin is, it results in pores and I'm pretty sure as I get on in years they will just multiply. For years I just starred at the mirror hoping nobody noticed these disgusting open pores.

Thankfully I found the Idealist range by Estée Lauder and have not looked back. The ingredients that are in this wonder product help to reduce the appearance of pores to almost nothing!

Sadly to date there is nothing out there that will reduce open pores permanently, if there was I would be first in the queue! 

I love the feel of the serum on my skin, it leaves your skin feeling velvety and smooth. It takes a while for the product to fully work its wonder, but once it dose keep it up as it all the hard work will be undone. 

I have tried other pore minimiser's in the past  but I feel that are not as effective at Estée Lauder. 

No matter how broke I am, I always find a way to keep this product in stock.  I have no idea what I would do with out. It really is my wonder product of the year and probably form many more years to come.  

What is your wonder product of 2012? Have you tried this product? are your thoughts the same as mine?

How to help increase your skins recovery.

With this time of year, having bad skin can be common. Sadly all those chocolates and nice tasting things (why is it always the nice tasting things?) reward me with terrible skin. 

Besides taking extra care with morning and night time routines and maybe an extra exfoliation to the areas most effected I find the two best things to speed things along a bit is: Water with lemon and green tea. 

lukewarm water with fresh lemon juice is amazing, it helps to clear the skin as it is packet full of vitamin C, but it also can help with keeping those wrinkles at bay. 

Green tea is also quite the wonder product. Even though lemon and water helps to remove toxins form the body Green Tea is best know for this. It also has added benefits such as increasing the metabolism and it decreases tooth decay.   

All in all, this will help get rid of bad skin in no time! Do you think you will be giving this a try now? do you have any tips to get of bad skin in a hurry? 

A different look

Make up is such a wonderful thing. you can achieve so many looks with it. 
But I think its so easy to fall into such a rut with it, same neutral eye shadows, same blusher same everything. 

About this time last year I decided to treat myself to an inglot palette, I filled it up with reds and purples. I had no idea how much I would use it or if I would use it at all. I just wanted something different that was not the safe browns. 

It was only till about a few weeks ago that I deiced to do a look with the red side of the palette. I 
haven't looked back since.  I felt I have exhausted my naked pallet and it was time for something new. 

I love wearing a red eye during the day. Just for something different.
Do you do anything like this? 

Christmas Blogger Meet Up (2012 edition/Dublin edition)

So a few weeks back the amazing Sarah hosted a fab blogger meet up. It really was lovely to meet all few of those who I would talk to online face to face.

Sarah really did out do her self this year with booking a room! Yes we where inside not in the freezing cold of Dublin streets. We also had amazing guest speakers. Two which talked about there amazing products and three of which who are bloggers. We even had a photographer !!

A while back I was speaking to someone on twitter and she told that she didn't want to attend a blogger meet up in her area. Out of worries and nerves more than anything. So I though I would share with you why I think its such a good idea to go to these meet up's even if its just one!

There is such a strong community around blogging and there are so many of us now at this stage that it's easy to get lost in the crowed. Yes there are divides that can be seen on twitter but that's the way it is with anything in life. The key word is community these girls and boys got your back! You can definitely build strong bonds online but they are stronger when you meet these people face to face.

I think these meet ups are great for any kind of blogger no matter what following they have. There is something about being able to discuss your own blogging problems with people face to face you get deeper into whatever the issue at hand is.

It's also amazing to just know these people. Once again going back to the word community this is one and you will not regret embracing your local blogging community.


Review: Sure maximum protection

Remember this ad?

The height of a new era in deodorants...ones that actually keep sweat at bay. Exciting eh? Oh very much so

I really wanted to get my hands on it when it was launched into the blogingsper. The fact that it stops you form sweating is just like when they invented sliced bread! convenient and useful, cant really go wrong can we?

You apply it at night using two clicks. The reason for applying it at night is because your body's temperature is stable throughout the night which is what sure maximum protect needs in order for it to work. You can apply it during the day but it is not as effective.

You can get away with using it once every second day, which works fine but you need to build that up for a while.

The product its self is not that attractive as you can see below form the lovely pictures. Anyway the one that I so eagerly got my paws on was the 'sensitive' one and boy boy it has the most divine fragrance...I'm not sure about you but the smell of deodorant just pisses me off after a while. This on the other hand nope!! I love the sent its subtle and just lovely!

The big big question, dose it work?
Yes it really dose, its amazing and you don't have to worry about having to carry a can of deodorant around with you where ever you go!

There is one down side and that is that, it dose leave white marks on your clothing which as we all know is a no no, but sure its PJ's its not like anyone fancy will be seeing us!

The big question now folks, will I be repurchasing this Sure Maximum Protection?
Well I already have, which means that I can informe you of how long this lovely inovation last's for. I got three months out of it!! I didn't use it every night, but I used it most nights and that fact that I finished it alone says a lot.

Price wise, it is in no way cheap, when I first picked it up it was in and around the €6 mark and there has been an increase in Tesco around the €7 mark.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts??

No Shave November Tag

So I just did a quick video there of the No Shave November tag that has been floating around YouTube  the past while.

Review: Dove Creme Mousse

The world has gone a bit mousse mad hasn't it? But why? What’s so great about a "mousse" is it another marketing scam? (Oh you can hear the inner marketer in me coming out!) 

A beautiful pearlescent crème formula, unlike any other, transforms into a lush lather allowing our highest concentration of NutriumMoisture™ to nourish skin deep down* for more beautiful skin. For best results use everyday. *surface layers of skin

Above is what is written on the back of this product. 

Dose it create a "lush lather"? 
oh yes it dose! Compared to a standard body wash (pft so last year) you get so much more out of the product. You don't even need to use that much and it managed to cover your silky smooth skin all over. Pure utter shower luxury here lads.  

Dose it "nourish skin deep down"? 
I did put Dove to the test and I stopped using my body lotion (I know, cardinal sin right?) My skin feels the exact same way as it would with using a lotion, which is a thumbs up for this mousse.

So this lil baby dose exactly what it says on the tin but what about other aspects? 

Well smell wise, it’s on the standard smell scale. Its not amazing but it has that generic clean smell you often get with body washes. Which means that if the man in your life decides to have a cheeky try he wont come out smelling like "girl".

When I was asked to write about this product* I envisioned the constancy of the mousse to be light and fluffy. It’s slightly heavy and slightly stiff, this actually helps the product to slid on smoothly to the skin. Yes it is definitely a body wash that we are not yet fully accustomed to in how it acts on the skin but the results are amazing. 

So overall you can expect your skin to be clean and moisturised and to enjoy the luxurious feel that the mousse creates. It has brought the bathing experience up to a whole new level.

And now the big big question would I purchase this beaut? 
Why yes, yes I would, it dose everything on the tin and more. Also the RRP of only €4.07 is very nice price for a product that creates a more luxurious bathing experience. 

                                                                                                                               *PR sample 

November Wish List

Yup November, that weird time of year, just after Halloween and just before Christmas (yes i did say it!) where you really don't know what to do with yourself.

Black is definitely the theme of this post by the looks of it. 
Top: The Top
Shape wise its not very attractive. What it has going for it is the sleeves that conveniently cover bingo wings and it can be worn in bother A/W and S/S
Hat: The Hat
I have been obsessing over this hat for quite some time. I really see it as being a staple for the next few seasons at least.
Dress: That Dress
A black dress... now not the black dress, but how wrong can you go with a black dress. I love the detail on the back. There is plenty of movement in the skirt which means that it skims neatly over the stomach and hips and shows off that lovely waist.
Bag: That Bag
Since my current bag has seen better days, my eyes conveniently feel upon this beaut, now its not much to look at but view the link and you will see it from every angle. I adore how it opens like the old style doctors brief case.

Anything here take your fancy? Whats your November wish list? 


Noom dieting app for android.

When I  upgraded to an android phone I decided to look at the apps that where on offer (I would like to note I had to down grade so the screen shots could be dated)

I didn't intend to look for anything that would help with dieting but it intrigued me and it was free so why not!

I have to say I am happy I did download Noom as I am actually losing weight! Shock horror I know!

So why is this wonder app so great?

Its not harmful, instead it aims to show you how to lead a healthy life.
When you first install it, it asks you to record your Age, Sex, Weight, and target weight. Once that's all done it gives you more information about the app, such all the different challenges you will have to do each day, logging your breakfast or how much veg you have eaten throughout the day. It also encourages you to do some exercise three times a week.

It has a huge physiological impact as you have to log in each item of your meal, don't worry its not a pain or having to log in the exact calories. What it does is it puts food into three different categories’, Green, Amber, and Red. This encourages you to make minor changes. I now drink green tea and instead of full fat milk I now use soy. They are small changes but have a huge impact.

This app is full of happy encouragement. From each weigh in to when you do some exercise. 

In regards to exercise you realize that every movement is exercise. Even give the house a quick hoover! In this screen shot the Noom coach is encouraging me to walk around the house during ad brakes. 

What I don't like about Noom?

I don't like how the coach wants you to do a weight in every second day - I would prefer if it was once a week as you can go up and down for no real reason.

I don't like the forms. I find some of the people on them to be just plain nasty. There is also a lot of talk of teenagers with eating disorders that should not on it full stop! I also think that there are too many young teenagers on 12 or 13 thinking that they are overweight.

Over all

I love it. The down sides are not so bad and it encourages you to make life changes instead of temporary. Since I had to downgrade the message that Noom wants to teach you and food and diet really stuck with me which is a huge singe of how great this app really is. 

Do you have this app? how did it go for you? Has this encouraged you to try out this app?



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