The More Issues Than Vogue Tee

This might come across as  hypocritical that I blogged about fashion houses having that must have logo tee (here) and today I'm blogging about a quote that I'm simply obsessed with.

When I saw The Makeup Fairy (here) post about this tee on Facebook. I just had to find it for myself. It was a love at first sight moment and I MUST have it in my wardrobe no questions asked! I have informed my nearest and dearest about this lust sadly no one has acted and I would be surprised if they would. Simply I am obsessed. 

1, Here 2, Here 3, Here 4,Here

If I do manage to get my paws on the number one item of clothing on my wish list I will a post on different ways I style it!

Out of the four which one do you like most? I love no. 4!

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