My wonder product of 2012: Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimiser

Sadly whatever way my skin is, it results in pores and I'm pretty sure as I get on in years they will just multiply. For years I just starred at the mirror hoping nobody noticed these disgusting open pores.

Thankfully I found the Idealist range by Estée Lauder and have not looked back. The ingredients that are in this wonder product help to reduce the appearance of pores to almost nothing!

Sadly to date there is nothing out there that will reduce open pores permanently, if there was I would be first in the queue! 

I love the feel of the serum on my skin, it leaves your skin feeling velvety and smooth. It takes a while for the product to fully work its wonder, but once it dose keep it up as it all the hard work will be undone. 

I have tried other pore minimiser's in the past  but I feel that are not as effective at Estée Lauder. 

No matter how broke I am, I always find a way to keep this product in stock.  I have no idea what I would do with out. It really is my wonder product of the year and probably form many more years to come.  

What is your wonder product of 2012? Have you tried this product? are your thoughts the same as mine?

How to help increase your skins recovery.

With this time of year, having bad skin can be common. Sadly all those chocolates and nice tasting things (why is it always the nice tasting things?) reward me with terrible skin. 

Besides taking extra care with morning and night time routines and maybe an extra exfoliation to the areas most effected I find the two best things to speed things along a bit is: Water with lemon and green tea. 

lukewarm water with fresh lemon juice is amazing, it helps to clear the skin as it is packet full of vitamin C, but it also can help with keeping those wrinkles at bay. 

Green tea is also quite the wonder product. Even though lemon and water helps to remove toxins form the body Green Tea is best know for this. It also has added benefits such as increasing the metabolism and it decreases tooth decay.   

All in all, this will help get rid of bad skin in no time! Do you think you will be giving this a try now? do you have any tips to get of bad skin in a hurry? 

A different look

Make up is such a wonderful thing. you can achieve so many looks with it. 
But I think its so easy to fall into such a rut with it, same neutral eye shadows, same blusher same everything. 

About this time last year I decided to treat myself to an inglot palette, I filled it up with reds and purples. I had no idea how much I would use it or if I would use it at all. I just wanted something different that was not the safe browns. 

It was only till about a few weeks ago that I deiced to do a look with the red side of the palette. I 
haven't looked back since.  I felt I have exhausted my naked pallet and it was time for something new. 

I love wearing a red eye during the day. Just for something different.
Do you do anything like this? 

Christmas Blogger Meet Up (2012 edition/Dublin edition)

So a few weeks back the amazing Sarah hosted a fab blogger meet up. It really was lovely to meet all few of those who I would talk to online face to face.

Sarah really did out do her self this year with booking a room! Yes we where inside not in the freezing cold of Dublin streets. We also had amazing guest speakers. Two which talked about there amazing products and three of which who are bloggers. We even had a photographer !!

A while back I was speaking to someone on twitter and she told that she didn't want to attend a blogger meet up in her area. Out of worries and nerves more than anything. So I though I would share with you why I think its such a good idea to go to these meet up's even if its just one!

There is such a strong community around blogging and there are so many of us now at this stage that it's easy to get lost in the crowed. Yes there are divides that can be seen on twitter but that's the way it is with anything in life. The key word is community these girls and boys got your back! You can definitely build strong bonds online but they are stronger when you meet these people face to face.

I think these meet ups are great for any kind of blogger no matter what following they have. There is something about being able to discuss your own blogging problems with people face to face you get deeper into whatever the issue at hand is.

It's also amazing to just know these people. Once again going back to the word community this is one and you will not regret embracing your local blogging community.



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