Orla Kiely Geranium Bath & Body Review

Shower Gel: RRP €15.00 £12.00 // Hand Cream: RRP €15.00 £12.00 *

Orla Kiely is one of those huge Irish success stories. She has managed to created quite a name for her self and is now moving away from her famous handbags to explore other avenues. 

She recently created the Orla Kiely fragrance and home fragrance from the success of that she must have been inspired to created the stunning Geranium bath and body collection. Each product in the range is wrapped in the famous 'stem print' packaging give instant luxury to any bathroom or handbag! 

I find that the packaging for the whole range is a bit on the cheap side when you match the price tag, the only thing that I feel that justifies that price of the products V the packaging is the print. there is a nice feature of actually being able to see how much product you have left as the packaging doesn't wrap the whole way round. Something that a lot of high end brands tend to miss.

When I first tried the shower gel I didn't know what to think, it was a really tricky product for some reason. Did I like it or was there something that I didn't like about it? It is a thick and rich gel which reminded me of Molton Brown instantly and I suppose I was expecting the Molton Brown experience which is completely silly. Once I got over that it's a lovely rich shower gel that gets you clean in no time but gives you a luxurious experience which you wont find with super market brands.  

The hand cream is superb, I really can't fault it! It works fanatically especially after the dishes have been washed. If you are after a hand cream that is rich and will recover your hands from the most testing of activities then this is your man! 

The only thing I have to criticize is that the sent is far too strong for my liking. Especially in regards to the hand cream as i found i needed to apply it in public but was very aware that the scent is so strong and kinda lingers for a bit that it might upset those around me. Also I am not the biggest fan of strong scent's personally. 

Have you tired anything from the Orla Kiely range? Would you give anything a go? What do you think of her expanding into personal care? 
*PR Sample

Get That Designer Dress For Less!!

So instead of spending the morning writing my dissertation I deiced to do a bit of window shopping on one of my favorite online super stores, Asos. 

When I first saw the D&G dress and after that almost every celeb has worn a version of the same print since then It stuck with me. I love the ruching that travels down from the neckline to hem helping to hid any unsightly lumps or bumps but over all it is such a faltering dress not too long and not too short. I adore the neckline creating a suggestion rather than a come at me boys look. Lastly the straps are wide enough so us ladies can wear a bra underneath! D&G really thought of everything! 

Frankly if I was in the market for an investment dress then that would be it! Sadly my pocket does not stretch to the £1,285 price tag that is attached to such a well made guna. It is quite difficult to find such a dress on the high street and I did go looking finding one or two that might do but didn't feel like I had found the 'dupe' if you will of the beloved D&G dress. 

This morning choosing to procrastinate via Asos I noticed there was a lovely 30%  off dresses (anyone who has a wedding coming up do check it out!) one of the dressed on offer resembled the lovely D&G dress I feel in love with many months back. The print may be very different but the classy black background is there making it an amazing transeasonal piece

It may have a sweetheart neckline, something that a lot of us smaller busted women tend to move away from. However the wide straps similar to the D&G dress allow for a bra to be worn underneath. Us smaller busted ladies may need a little bit of help from wonderbra but it will be worth it to wear this lovely Paper Dolls dress. 

There is one detail that the Paper Dolls dress offers that D&G don't. That is the built in belt detailing around the waist which will create a hour glass shape that most off us want to recreate.

What do you think of the two dresses? You can have a goo at the Asos dress here

'THE VEIL' Needs YOUR Help

As some of you know I am involved in an amazing new Irish feature film which is simply amazing to be a part of and guys if you are reading this THANK YOU!

I have had the honor of reading the scrip (very protective write/director) and I can say its amazing! The trouble is we need funds to help create this amazing film. We have started filming but if we can't pay for the equipment etc we are not going to have much of a film on our hands. We know that times are tight and fully understand that you may not be abel to give, but if you can even a €1 that would be amazing as it means we are one step closer to our target. 

Check out the fund it link for more details about the production and enjoy the two trailers! I hope you like them 

The all important fund it link it bellow which has a lot more deets about the production!

The Veil Fund It Page (click here)

If you want to get more involved with whats going on (or are just noisy ;) ) check out these pages:

The Veil Facebook page

The Veil Twitter Page

The Diet Sweet Treats/ Party Food

I love alternatives to bad food, there is always a way around that bad craving you just need to think outside the box! This one is one of my all time faves. 

What you need:
Dark Choc over 70% cocoa (this is the key, have to be over 70%)
Fresh Fruit 

1. Get your dark choc (any brand) just make sure its over 70%, this is super healthy but you wont eat as much as you would with milk choc so good times all round!

2. Chop up your fruit, any type of fruit that you have lying around!

3. Melt the choc

4. Cover each item of fruit in the lovely choc, I find using a fork works best and makes moving them onto the parchment super easy 

5. Place your fruit on the parchment, move to the freezer 

6. After about 15 min take them out and serve or place in the fridge and  you will have a lovely tasty treat that is super healthy and won't make you or your party guest feel guilty. 

NOTE: If you keep the chocolate covered fruit in the freezer for more than 30 min make sure to let them thaw out slightly before eating.

Tip: With your left over choc dip in some fruit for a quick tasty treat. 

I think this is a great snack to get children involved with, it takes minimal effort and its a great way to get them eating their five a day! I think it would be a super fun activity to do for any kids party. 

I really enjoy having these around on hot days and when I'm doing some of my dreaded college work!

What do you think of this diet friendly treat? 

What goes around comes around

I don't know about you but for me the way fashion is going is starting to piss me off. I have noticed that it's starting to move back to the ways of pre-recession where what labels you wore defined your status in society (something that can frankly piss off)

I love fashion but I FUCKEN (yes i said it big whoop my blog my rules) hate how fashion is at time one thing is brands. I remember feeling the pressure that I JUST had to have that must have fabric juicy couture handbag - something that NO ONE at any age should go through! I didn't realise how much pressure I felt from wanting to fit into a type of person - yes with the dubes and the aul A&F jumper oh and lets not forget those cantoes! As a young teenager I felt I needed those brands in my life because if I didn't have them I WOULDN'T fit in....What BS! 

Now of course in my young twenties I am not as sucked into the whole hype over the whole jumper/tee logo thing that's going on, however I am not liking it one bit. Fashion should not be about having the latest cool tee but about having style and getting longevity out of your carefully chosen clothing. 

Of course I could write a long ass post on this but I have made my point. 

Do you really see the Kenso or the HomiĆ©s tee sticking around till next year? I don't. What do you think of fashion houses plastering their logo on clothing? 

Tips For Breaking In Heels

There is nothing like buying a brand new pair of heels that you have simply fallen in love with, and, can't wait to trot around showing off your new babies. You pop on home and try time on - perfection. They don't hurt (or don't hurt much) so you deiced to show them off in work. Twenty minuets into your day and it hits you like a brick wall. You can't move and heat, pinching and crippling agony is searing trough your feet. Sad times, who knows when that pair of shoes will see the light of day again.

Some shoes don't take too long to be broken into others it feels like a life time. However it can be done!

1. You can cause so much unneeded pain by walking toe first, it takes a little practise to get out of the habit of walking toe first but once you do you will notice a BIG difference. 

2. This is great if you work in a office, you can just pop them on when you are in work till they start hurting your feet and switch back into your comfy flats, simply repeat this process till they are broken in. You can also wear them when you are doing your weekly shop (I find this is a great way to brake  in any uncomfortable shoe)

3. This is by far my favourite trick in the book, I am a half size and high street stores do not provide half size shoes and when they do they never have them in stock so I am always stuck with a size 8 shoe. Not only does an insole make the shoe fit better but it gives much needed cushioning which works wonders at helping your new pair of heels adjust to your feet.

4. I have never actually used this but I have heard to works wonders and is super fast! Just pop on a pair of tick socks and squeeze your feet in those fab shoes and any areas that feel tight or are pinching your feel blast that hairdryer at them, let your shoes cool with your feet still in them and they should have stretched. 

Do you have any tricks for braking in shoes?


 Jacket: Urban Outfitters // Shirt: Urban Outfitters // Trousers: H&M // Shoes: Blowfish // Bag: Penneys  

We all have those outfits that are just super easy and quick that suit almost every occasion - for me this is one of these outfits. The Jacket is super light and has some fab detailing that the camera didn't pick up. 

Do you have a quick and easy outfit? 

Lush: Emotional Brilliance: Ambition - Review

Do you know much about the concept behind Emotional Brilliance? If not, check out this link [here] and you can get your colour reading done online! When the range frist launched I got my colour reading done and ambition was one of the emotional moods I was in. 

In short each colour reflects a mood/emotion on a subconscious level. We associate each colour with a particaul mood which can help to alter our mood. This might seem a bit like baloney but it works as long as you know what the colour represents! 

I love the hint of orange in this liquid lipstick, but with my natural complexion it doesn't suit my pale skin. instead I save ambition when I have a tan. It takes about half an hour for the lipstick to dry fully but you will find you can eat and drink to your harts content without having to reapply!

After a full day of munching and drinking without applying a top up! 

You can pick up your very own liquid lipstick for £14.50 at any Lush store! You will not be disappointed.

What do you think of Lush? Is there anything from the range that you just gotta have?


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