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The secret to Invincible tights!

Hi Girls (and Boys), I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. 

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I don't know about you, but me and tights don't really go down too well. I seem to murder them after just one wear or less. Recently on, Lynnie informed us of a little tip that is sure to ensure the longevity of our beloved tights. This handy little tip will allow you avoid the embarrassment of a ladder appearing in your tights and you becoming the talk of the office!

It's an odd one but it sure does work!
All you have to do is freeze your tights, yep you did read that right! 

1. Rinse tights in cold water

2. Place in freezer bag

3. Leave for 24hrs or till fully frozen

4. Allow to defrost

5. Dry

6. Put tights to the test in various experiments and be amazed. 

Now it goes without say that they will not be invincible or in any way are wonder tights but you will be safe in the knowledge that they will last for much longer than after you walking out the door. 


The Diet Coke by Jean Paul Gaultier Tour Bus 2012

Last week I was invited to the launch of the Jean Paul Gaultier and Diet Coke behind the scenes sneak peek of a fashion show.

So what is it all about?
Well the Diet Coke bus is going all around Ireland and offering you the opportunity to experience what its like to be backstage at a fashion show. You can get your nails done, a temporary tattoo and get some cheeky pics taken all while sipping on limited edition day and night  Diet Coke bottles. It is quite the experience.

I love this because its something different that you really should take advantage off, when will you be able to say I have limited edition nails designed by Jean Paul Gaultier that can not be bought? unless you go to this....never!
What even beats that is that the tour bus is travelling all around Ireland.

Friday 20/07 Victoria Square Shopping Centre, Belfast
Saturday 21/07 Eyre Square, Galway
Friday 27/07 Cork
Saturday 28/07 Wolfetone Park, Dublin
Friday 03/08 Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Dublin
Saturday 04/08 Victoria Shopping Centre, Belfast
Friday 10/08 Eyre Square, Galway
Saturday 11/08 Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

Have you experience the back stage of a fashion show Jean Paul Gautrier style yet?
There are more snaps here form the day its self.


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A pot of dreams with a little book of Happiness

I really couldn't resit, even with being called a celtic tiger baby by my mother. Which just proves my point that to some they are useless and a gimmick but to others they are far more than that. I purchased two wedding related items as of late. One being the adorable Pot of Dreams the second a Wedding Diary.

The Pot of Dreams is an adorable piggy bank. The reason that I bough this was I thought it would be a cute way to save and would finally motivate us. What makes this 'piggy bank' or pot unique is that you have to crush it to open it up, so no putting 5c's in. This is for serious savers! The pot it's self holds over £1000 in euros much the same, but myself has a plan. I am going to put in the odd fiver here and there to allow for the fund to reach well over a 1000 euros.

This is something that I have wanted for quite some time but really wished someone would have bought it as a present, manly because I think its a bit weird that I bought myself this. I am very happy with it though. Once again the mother didn't really get it. This is like the baby book that most of us have, that our parents or you kept in order to preserve the special memory's. But of course with a difference, it dose help you plan to an extent. More importantly it allows you to document every aspect of the wedding and to add in actual items, with cute blank pages where you can slot in your wedding invitations etc. This was purchased with one intention to fill in with care and to open on anniversary's. 

I think these two items are the prefect engagement gift. You can purchase a pot of dreams here or here. If you don't want to go on-line I bought both of these items in easons.

Would you agree with my mother that they are a gimmick or would you agree with me that they hold a sentimental property? 

Top tips for moving home (Part Due)

 I now want to focus on the unpacking side of things. I personally think this is the most challenging part of the whole moving process. You are so drained form packing things and unloading never mind the lack of sleep! Now you see yourself staring at all those neatly marked boxes and you still have no idea where to start.
The following tips will help you with what I think are the best/ stress free and fun ways of unpacking and to finally getting to enjoy your new pad.
Image found here

1. You have a friend in me
Ask a friend or two to help you unpack or at least give you some guidance as to where to start. The thought of having someone even a close friend going through your belongings seams weird and almost like some sort of invasion of privacy. It's not; they have seen the majority of your belongings before. You can even tell them to help you with unpacking the kitchen and living room and for them to stay away from the bedroom.

2. Bin bags needed
You will find as you unpack and go through things that you will be tempted to throw them out. Do! Have a bin bag with you at all times so you can bin them straight away! Remember to recycle anything as well! If you think something is worth a few bob lash it on adverts or eBay, only for a short while as you don’t want it taking up valuable space.

3. Where to start?
Personally I would go in order of 1.Kitchen  2.Bedroom 3.Living room and so on. By doing it this way you have the important rooms done and dusted.

4. Moving day movie night
I find that organising a movie night is great for two reasons. There is a definite end time to unpacking and secondly it’s a treat for all involved.  

5. Work will get in the way
Never take time off work for a move, you never know what might come up that you will need to take time off for which would be far more important than a move. Personally the best thing to do is to sit down and decide on when you will unpack. It's hard after a busy day at work, set aside an hour a day for unpacking, it may be a slow process but it will be done right.

If you have any unpacking tips please add them below.

If you missed out on part one you can check it out here 

Happy Moving


Top Tips for Moving House (Part One)

If you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram (sasdothat) you will have seen me tweeting and Instagraming pictures of the whole moving experience.

                                                       Image can be found here

Moving house is almost always an improvement on your life. You usually move to suite your pocket or for that bit more space and sometimes to down size. As exciting planning a move can be it gets repetitive till you find the perfect place for you. Then there is the physical move which is draining! You don't know where to start or how to even start. I want to share my 'wisdom' with you as to move with as less stress as possible.

1. Plan Early!
Look around your house/apartment, there are things that you can live without. You don't need the pictures on the wall. Make a list of what can be packet very early on (two weeks before the move or earlier) that won’t make a huge impact on your life.

2. Boxes and Boxes and More!
 Start the hunt for boxes. It is harder to find boxes with the way leading supermarkets no longer use boxes in how they transport goods. Try small news agents and take any size! You will find a use for them. If you think you have enough boxes you don't! You will also need to get your hands on newspaper and a lot! Pick up some of the free newspaper that is in most shopping centres or the metro. Duck Tap is a must. It's the best way of giving boxes extra strength.

3. Start to pack what is on that list.
Be careful how you pack your items. You need to keep in mind “will it survive the trip?” This is the best way to ensure that when it’s time to unpack everything will be in one piece. Now what do you do will all these boxes that are taking up space?

4. Store your boxes.
If you are lucky enough to have storage under the stairs or an office you can move all of these in there.


If you are super-duper lucky and have the keys to your new pad (or the landlord’s permission to move a few boxes over) move them! It’s a great advantage and why not uses it! There is nothing worse than looking at a load of boxes and needing to get away from the mess.

5. Mark each box
This is the key to making sure the move is as stress free as possible. On each box mark what room it belongs to and exactly what’s in it.  

6. Bin that rubbish
You will find loads of odd bits that you won’t need any more. Even things that have never been opened! Throw them out! It's one less things that you have to move and saves more time. That is unless they may fetch a pretty penny on Adverts or eBay.

7. What's for dinner?
We all forget about food while moving, we end up being such busy bees that we forget to eat! Plan what you’re going to do for food for the last week in the aul gaff. Cook meals that can be stored in the freezer and defrosted. Buy some microwavable meals and put some money aside for a take out.

8. Only a week left. What now?
The Kitchen is one of the most time consuming rooms to pack. Each glass needs to be wrapped individually. To save time, throw out glasses that you don't need any more, the same goes for plates, bowls and cutlery. The best way to pack glasses is to line a box with newspaper balls, then put each glass in, if you feel that there needs to be more padding just add another newspaper ball.  Leave out one item per head of your household.


Start to pack you cloths. You know yourself you are not going to be wearing those short shorts in the middle of winter and vice versa. If you are in desperate need of a suit case ask around if anyone has one to spare.


To save yourself time and energy you should do your best to clean as you pack. This will mean that when you have finally moved you will be done with the clean in no time. That is unless you are going to a hire professional cleaning company.


You may have already started thinking of how you’re going to transport all your belongings. Personally if you are moving from one furnished apartment to another and have no large furniture I would go with my own transport even if it means having a few trips.
If you have anything like a 6ft book shelf I would strongly advice on hiring a van or a man with a van service. Just think "can that fit in my car with the boot closed?" It can be very dangerous having to transport items like that. You should also be able to do the move in one trip.

If you have any tips to add please add them in the comment box bellow.  I hope this helps you in making your move as stress free as possible and keep an eye out for part two on the best way to unpack.

To check out the best way to unpack click here

Happy Moving



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