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Fee G *

A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure to meet the woman behind Fee G Fiona Heaney. What is Fee G I hear you ask? It's an Irish fashion brand with an international status. 

Fiona and her husband are the brains behind Fee G. How the fashion name house came about is because Fiona is also called 'Fee' while her husband, Don Gormley is known as 'G'. How cute is that! 

Each collection is called a 'story' within each story are 3 dresses. The dresses are far from that only worn once dress. The dresses can be worn time and time again! All the dresses start at €200. Don't worry you do get your moneys worth, the pattern of each dress is placed, so the print will match up at the seam. 

To find out more visit the website here   

The More Issues Than Vogue Tee

This might come across as  hypocritical that I blogged about fashion houses having that must have logo tee (here) and today I'm blogging about a quote that I'm simply obsessed with.

When I saw The Makeup Fairy (here) post about this tee on Facebook. I just had to find it for myself. It was a love at first sight moment and I MUST have it in my wardrobe no questions asked! I have informed my nearest and dearest about this lust sadly no one has acted and I would be surprised if they would. Simply I am obsessed. 

1, Here 2, Here 3, Here 4,Here

If I do manage to get my paws on the number one item of clothing on my wish list I will a post on different ways I style it!

Out of the four which one do you like most? I love no. 4!

Bright Light PR A/W 13 Press Day *

A couple of months back I was invited to the Bright Light PR Winter Press day (bit of a mouthful isn't it ;)) 

The event was a fantastic way to engage with three brands that I have never come across and to reengage with one that I was slightly familiar. As the event took place in the summer months it was very exciting to see the new A/W trends. 

The brands that I had the opportunity to drool over where: Olsen, Second Female, Lands' End & Simone Perele. Out of all four it's a draw between Second Female and Simone Perele. 

 It was an amazing day and great to see so many wonderful brands. I would like to thank Bright Lights PR for the opportunity to attend such a fab press day!

Second Female - Jumper

I have to say Second Female is one of my favorite brands this season. When I saw the jumper in an Avoca store I just had to have it. That perfect wide collar in a beautiful burgundy and of course that fab quilt effect. The zips on the side are also a nice little bonus considering that zips are now going to be a big trend in fashion over the new while. 

However as perfect as the whole thing appeared to be after not even two wears my favorite jumper started to ball. Now after no less than ten wears its more ball than jumper. I really am disappointed  I adore the brand but it's not even that. I spent €80 on this jumper hopping for some longevity however now it's only fit for the bin. 

The jumper looks worn, old and frumpy! I am beyond disappointed and quite upset I only bought the jumper in September! Launch FREE Shipping & FREE RETURNS

Big news from littlewoods today! Finally we can get our paws on free shipping to our little shores from today onwards! Happy days eh? 

You don't have to worry about missing your littlewoods delivery either! The online retailer have teamed up with Parcel Connect and Parcel Motel. What does this mean for you? Well it makes online shopping a whole lot more convenient. 

For more details and a little goo on all the fab stuff that Littlewoods have to offer, visit the link bellow! 

What do you think of this fab news? Have you started popping together a list of must haves?  

Dress for the Oversized Look

If you're not big into catwalks and picking up this must have copy of Vogue then you might be a bit taken aback by the next BIG trend to hit our humble high street stores. It's all about the oversized look! Move over skinny jeans we want wide leg trousers to match with our boyfriend shirts and brogues.

Top: Urban Outfitters, Bralet: Urban Outfitters. Skirt: Ted Baker. Bag: Penneys/Primark. Shoes: Converse

How I created this look: 
I went for a shirt so it would cover my arms, as I knew I was going to show off my midriff. Underneath I chose a black lace bralet this allowed me to bring in a black skirt. The skirt is about two sizes to big – this created the oversized look. Unfortunately it didn't come across in the photo. A green floral print is featured in my shirt, because of this I was able to bring in the satchel. I chose to not use the strap as it gives a more masculine feel. I went for cons to give the look a casual twist but a pair of heels would give it a nice structure. I then finished the look off with a red lip giving the overall ensemble a bit of a feminine feel. 

It is a bit of an odd one to pull off. You don't want to hide your figure under clothes that will create the illusion that you are bigger than you are. I found the best way to get around this was with a crop top (or a shirt in crop-top form, as above). Considering the weather is going to turn into a lovely mess of freezing cold fronts and pouring rain a coat is the best way to introduce this trend into your winter outfit. Just pop on a pair of leggings/skinny jeans with a fab pair of patient boots and your good to go! 

As much as I would like to say this is just a two second trend I personally think we will be seeing it for a long time to come. One tip that I have to pull off this look successfully is: add structure, this will ensure that you wont look bigger than you are…..or perhaps a slim belt.

What do you think of this trend? Do you love it or do you hate it? Does it overwhelm you?

Second Female A/W Collection

It's time to put those sandal heels to bed along with those french  flora prints. As one of my favourite times of the year beckons closer, us fashion salves need to create a new wardrobe that will have us looking fashion forward faster than you can say Autumn/Winter 13/14.

I had never heard of Second Female which atomically brought to mind the french brand Selected Femme - don't ask my why I have no idea. While looking though the lookbook I am reminded of All Saints but brighter. The prices are around the same so these are investment pieces more than a quick trip down the high street. 

Second Female is a Dutch label which has been around since 2000 and has a strong following, it is only recently that it is entering this side of Europe but has been a huge success along its journey. 

Their A/W line this year, as is the defining feature of Second Female, minimalist tailoring is at the forefront of this years collection which will also feature my personal favoiryt for A/W chunky knits, and of course those stable pices such as bomber jackets, blazers and cigaret trousesr. The colours that will feature strongly are not in fact colours but tones, grays and black. Perfect for a fabulous A/W ensemble. 

One of my favorite trends for this seasons is the masculine trend which they have balanced with low key knit dress and elegant baroque-style detailing. Perfection in my eyes really. Of course we will be seeing embellished necklaces which where strongly featured the last two seasons and where would we be without those graphic print which have taken over the runways and the high street! 

I am so disappointed that I had not heard of this fab label till a few months back as it is right up my street! You can check out the full line here

Get That Designer Dress For Less!!

So instead of spending the morning writing my dissertation I deiced to do a bit of window shopping on one of my favorite online super stores, Asos. 

When I first saw the D&G dress and after that almost every celeb has worn a version of the same print since then It stuck with me. I love the ruching that travels down from the neckline to hem helping to hid any unsightly lumps or bumps but over all it is such a faltering dress not too long and not too short. I adore the neckline creating a suggestion rather than a come at me boys look. Lastly the straps are wide enough so us ladies can wear a bra underneath! D&G really thought of everything! 

Frankly if I was in the market for an investment dress then that would be it! Sadly my pocket does not stretch to the £1,285 price tag that is attached to such a well made guna. It is quite difficult to find such a dress on the high street and I did go looking finding one or two that might do but didn't feel like I had found the 'dupe' if you will of the beloved D&G dress. 

This morning choosing to procrastinate via Asos I noticed there was a lovely 30%  off dresses (anyone who has a wedding coming up do check it out!) one of the dressed on offer resembled the lovely D&G dress I feel in love with many months back. The print may be very different but the classy black background is there making it an amazing transeasonal piece

It may have a sweetheart neckline, something that a lot of us smaller busted women tend to move away from. However the wide straps similar to the D&G dress allow for a bra to be worn underneath. Us smaller busted ladies may need a little bit of help from wonderbra but it will be worth it to wear this lovely Paper Dolls dress. 

There is one detail that the Paper Dolls dress offers that D&G don't. That is the built in belt detailing around the waist which will create a hour glass shape that most off us want to recreate.

What do you think of the two dresses? You can have a goo at the Asos dress here


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