Lancôme - Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-Plasma™

It is safe to say I am slightly obsessed with anti ageing. I can't get enough of the stuff! 

My skin isn't great and I do see a lot of sings of ageing from simple fine lines to skin that is loosing that fresh youthful look, in short my skin needs some much needed TLC. 

I didn't know what to expect from  Lancôme  - Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-Plasma™b*. I don't really trust anti ageing products - they are uber expensive, results are either really poor or none existent yet with those two points of view I kept my narrow mined views to one side. 

I can say there has been a change in skincare over the past few years, it has become more intelligent and results are apparently getting better and lasting longer. The though thing with skin care is that you could be spending 100's or even 1000's per year on lotions and potions that you will never see the results as its all based on preventing or at least helping us to age gracefully - but we want to see results now not in 30 years when we look back on old photos. 

Lancome say: Skin looks instantly smoother. From 1 week, the skin is replenished with moisture and feels reinforced. Day after day, it appears younger and more beautiful, as if full of life. Skin looks revived and refreshed, it appears restored. Suitable for skin exposed to daily aggressions. Apply this serum in the morning and evening under your daily skincare.”

For me this is one product that works amazingly fast and yes you do see results quickly. The serum is rather thick but I like this. My skin feels amazing after this and fantastically pampered. Lines on my forehead seemed to plump up which as a result makes my makeup look better. I even found my self leaving the house without my face on - for anyone who knows me this is a big deal for the women who couldn't go to the bin without a full face. It's as if my confidence in my skin has returned as it looks fantastic and radiant there is no need for makeup! 

It has even managed to reduce the size of my pores which is a huge thing! Creating an even smother base for makeup and younger skin. 

I pop this on in the mornings after I cleanse to my face, neck and décolletage (if i remember that part). You will find that your skin feels fantastically nourished and is in short that little bit of extra TLC that skin needs. A fantastic serum to be added into any ones skincare routine. 

I would however like to stress that the results or only temporary I have found that missing a few days can bring skin back to how it was pre Lancôme  - Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-Plasma™ however it is fantastic and even at the €129 for 50ml it can be justify with the amazing results but I would only purchase this on a rich day.

What anti ageing products do you use? Have you used this before? What do you think of it? Do you think you will give this a go? 
*pr sample 

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