Boots Haul

I have a love hate relationship with boots, I love that all my makeup and toiletries needs are in one place I hate that I can't control my spending habits.

Collection 2000 2in1 €4.75, Rimmel Match Perfection €9.95, 17 Double Gloss Top Coat €5,59, Carmex Moisture Plus €5.98

This Haul actually conceited of two trips one trip was out of necessity the latter was out of want. Usually I try and shop like a man when it comes to boots (ya know that whole bee line thing, pay and get out as fast as you can). On the first round I did a fatal thing, my beauty blogger instincts took over and I deiced to check out what was new among the 'Drug Store" brands, bad move. The next day I popped back in to my local boots and completed the haul. 

At the blogger meet up I attend on Saturday (01.06.13) I got on the topic of nails with Lil. She told me about the top coat she used, which protected her amazing nail art from chipping the whole time! I simply had to pick up some 17 Double Gloss Top Coat to try it out for myself! The Collection 2000 2 in1 Strengthener & Hardener was a bit of an impulse buy and I am also running out of my current base. 

Rimmel Match Perfection foundation was a impulse buy, what caught my eye was, that there was a shade light enough to suit my porcelain complexion. I have to say I was truly delighted, it is next to impossible for me to find a 'drug store' makeup brand that actually caters for my skin tone I chose shade Light Porcelain 010. The price is what won me over and I am so excited to try this out!

 Carmex Moisture Plus was without a doubt a necessity, I had burnt my lips earlier in the week and needed something that would heal them and protect them from the sun. The stylish and compact packaging caught my eye perfect for a bit of a pick me up when you're on the go. I simply adore using it so far and have felt the benefits. 

Have you recently picke up anything in boots? Have you used anything in the haul? How did you get on with it? 


  1. The Carmex is great. I love the tube as well super easy to use. Although I keep losing mine everywhere and then I forget about it until I find it again. It’s a staple though!

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