Emjoi Micro Pedi Review

Eww feet.....I hate HATE HATE feet, mine in particular, to such an extent I don't wear sandals and if I stay over at a friends house I will sleep in my socks!

Last year when I first heard about this amazing product that removes the hard skin from your feet I could not believe my ears, without reading any reviews on the gadget I knew I just had to have it. See one of the problems I have is hard skin, I think most of use shoe obsessed girls do. 

RRP €49.95

Over a year ago when I saw the Emjoi Micro Pedi on offer in boots I just had to have it! I couldn't wait to get home and try it out! The results are amazing! You will be shocked, silky smooth feet in a matter of minutes. 

The drawbacks I have are not with how effective the tool is but more the battery. I really wish it was rechargeable, I hate having to buy batteries and I find most rechargeable batteries to be a bit of pain. 

With that aside I can not recommend this fantasist gadget enough! My confidence in my feet has increased almost to the point of actually considering to buy a pair of sandals. Over a year of using Emjoi Micro Pedi my feet care routine has become a breeze and is now super easy to maintain amazing feet.

I saw when I was picking up refiles (they last a really long time if you clean them after each use) a pedicure set which I am dying to try out and see if its any good. 

I really can't recommend the Emjoi Micro Pedi enough you will see the results immediately and you will be dying to get those perfectly pedicured feet out at any opportunity you can think of! 

Have you tried Emjoi Micro Pedi before? What are your thoughts? 

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  1. As a woman who lives as much of her life as possible barefoot, I wage a constant battle with rough, dry skin. As for calluses- I am an over-achiever. I have often joked with my daughter that I need to use a belt sander on them. Not anymore. The Micro-Pedi sends all other tools (pumice, ped eggs etc, and yes, belt sanders) into the trash.


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