Lush: Emotional Brilliance: Ambition - Review

Do you know much about the concept behind Emotional Brilliance? If not, check out this link [here] and you can get your colour reading done online! When the range frist launched I got my colour reading done and ambition was one of the emotional moods I was in. 

In short each colour reflects a mood/emotion on a subconscious level. We associate each colour with a particaul mood which can help to alter our mood. This might seem a bit like baloney but it works as long as you know what the colour represents! 

I love the hint of orange in this liquid lipstick, but with my natural complexion it doesn't suit my pale skin. instead I save ambition when I have a tan. It takes about half an hour for the lipstick to dry fully but you will find you can eat and drink to your harts content without having to reapply!

After a full day of munching and drinking without applying a top up! 

You can pick up your very own liquid lipstick for £14.50 at any Lush store! You will not be disappointed.

What do you think of Lush? Is there anything from the range that you just gotta have?

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