Whats In My Makeup Bag: The kerry Edition

About two weeks ago I went on a bit of a train and bus trip down to the most southerly point of the county. As exciting of an adventure that might sound it's not really, having to be up at 5am to get into Huston train station and then take two trains and two buses just to reach this part of Ireland it is a bit of a challenge.

In true Irish fashion the second bus runs twice a week and runs twice on those days, both before 1pm. It was by pure chance that I was able to get it. Needles to say the bus driver was a bit stunned that I was going out to Dún Chaoin. Why was I going to this part of the county? well I have family hear and I used to live in this region. 

Being up ridiculously early the ritual of applying makeup before the rest of the world sees you goes out the window. I planned to apply my face on one of the two train trips. I didn't bring much makeup wise, I kept it very simple and lightweight. The only thing that I went a bit OTT with was that I brought my NIMA Brush set along with me.

Cargo TexasLash volumizing mascara*// Bourjois healthy mix serum// Smashbox photo finish colour correcting primer: green//  Boots Soltan once a day sun cream// Bobbi Brown eyeshadow: bone// Cargo contour kit*

I found travelling with the NIMA Brushs an ease, this was simply down to the tube that holds the brushes, it is a bit on the bulky side and if I are travelling abroad I would not bring it as part of my carry on luggage. 

I find the Bourjois Healthy mix serum in shade 51 too dark for my ghost like complexion so I mix it with the Soltan sun screen to match up to my true complexion.

Out of everything the Cargo Contour kit is my favourite, I am a bit fan of contouring and was really excited to see this as part of a goodie bag from an event I have attend in May. This is beyond fab to travel with as your basic face essentials are there and there is a MASSIVE sharp mirror.

So the finishing look is  very understated but I quite like it for a very simple FOTD look. Perfect for the office or of course when you are on holidays 

 *PR Sample 

What do you bring with you on your travels?



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    1. Thanks hun, it is fab part of the country to visit.

  2. Ohh that blush and hilight combo looks great! Nice pics too:)

  3. I wanna try the Bourjois Healthy mix but I don't know if it will sit well on my oily skin! Great post though :)




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