Roger & Gallet: Lait Des Bienfaits

The ritual of applying body lotion can sometimes be a bit of a problem, let me set the scene: 

You wake up late for work, quickly run into the shower and put up with the lukewarm water. Once you have been scrubbed clean in record time. You quickly dry yourself while brushing you teeth at the same time. Once that task is complete its time for body lotion. A thought passes your mind, you could skip this don't have time to feel sticky. You apply your body lotion knowing you don't have time to let your skin soak in the goodness before its time to cloth yourself. You spend the next two vital minuets tugging at your tights as they cling to your freshly moisturised skin.

It has happened to all of us, I have a big issue with how slow some brands take to soak into the skin. Body lotions should be a pleasure. Ok so it is import just like your face you want to keep it looking as young for as long as you can. Along with the current trend of bare legs you really need to have moisturised pins to pull off that look.

When I was sent Roger & Gallet Lait Des Bienfaits* I didn't know what to expect. In my mind this is a premium brand, it does retail at those high end prices and has the most visually pleasing displays in any chemist I have seen Roger & Gallet  being stocked in. However I did expect that sticky feeling that has you walking around in your underwear far more than is necessary.

Eager to try it out I was greeted by a heavenly sent that reminded me of those long forgotten summer days. In true blogger fashion I proceeded to generously apply the white lotion on to my arm. I was amazed at how smoothly and effortlessly it applied on my arm. Next this took me by a bit of shock, that god awful sticky sensation was no where to be felt! I was delighted!

So it smells great and is not sticky but what else? It contains antioxidants! If you must know anything about me, I adore products that contain antioxidants! Whats the best way to preserve your skin than with natural antioxidants? The moisture lasts for up to 24hr's which is perfect for those of us who are time poor. 

You can get a good month and a half maybe two at a push, as the container is a orange tinted clear strong plastic you can see how much you have used. With each pump you can see the level go down which is slightly alarming considering the RRP. 

I simply ador this product and it suits me in any which way, from its heavenly sent to the fact that it doesn't feel sticky on my skin. yet its RRP is €14.95. In saying that the ingredients are top notch and I have seen such a change in the heath of my skin from using Roger & Gallet Lait Des Bienfaits. For me this is when I have a rich day and can justify spending almost 15 quid on this amazing body lotion. Hopefully as time goes by I will be able to have this on my bed side table more often that I see it now. 

You can pick up your very own Roger & Gallet Lait Des Bienfaits at selected pharmacies and at Marks & Spencer beauty haul

Have you tried this before? Would you? Do you know of any other bands that don't have that sticky sensation? Do you think you can justify that price?  
*PR Sample 


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    1. It's amazing! I'm saving up to get new one now!

      I dont think I can live without it!


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