Human + Kind: All-In-One Body Oil

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Before I tell you about how I got on with using the All-In-One Body Oil I would like to apologies for using a stock photo. I had a bit of disaster with my camera a while back and the photos I had taken for this post [and others] are no more. 

When using body oil or any oil at all, the applicator of the product has a lot to do with the pleasure that cane be found when apply any type of lotion or potion. One thing that really impressed me with the Human + Kind All-In-One Body Oil* was the fab applicator. I had total control over how much I wanted and never had an issue with having too much oil. I believe this is down to the hard plastic, which the container is made out of. Giving you perfect control, when you squeeze the oil out. Of course from the picture above that lil yoke [have no idea what it's called] is a great help as well.

This oil is fab! Like I said before it has a rich consistency but still can be applied smoothly and effectively onto the skin. One of my big draws to Human + Kind All-In-One Body Oil is that it contains extra vitamin E something that I am a massive fan of! Due to the extra boost of vitamins this is perfect for mom's who are expecting. 

I messed around a lot with when to apply the oil finding just after a shower/bath it was effective but not as effective as I would like. I suffer from random spots of dryness on my arms so it really was put  it to the test! In the end I found applying it at night just before bed was perfect! As the oil heats up your skin its not cold on unlike other products that you would apply at that time of night. You could really see the difference the next day, my skin looked smoother and felt moisturised. 

I think this oil is simply fab and everyone must have one! I imagine its quite good for babies skin for a little boost as Human + Kind strive to use 100% natural ingredients in their products. This is something I will definitely be buying!

Have you use Human + Kind before? Have you heard of the brand? What do you think of body oils?

P.S: Human + Kind is Irish! 
*PR Sample


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    1. I am starting to prefer them more than lotions at this stage! I think they are far more effective and work amazingly fast in comparison to lotions


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