It's My Birthday and I will blog if I want to

To celebrate I have deiced to do something a little different. I have seen a lot of bloggers do this, and I think having it written down on in this case online for the whole world to see you are that bit more determent to see it through. 

So I have a few goals that I want to achieve before my next birthday 

1, Buy this amazing handbag the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Bag Black Frilly Snake Shopper Handbag has been something I have had my eye on for quite some time. I has been my goal to own a designer handbag. I have always admired Vivienne Westwood as a designer with her bold prints and well structured designs. For me this bag may not cost a lot for a designer item but I know I will achieve this goal
2. Buy the full Elite Collection from Nima Brushes. Ever since I saw these beauts back in September I knew I just had to have them. I am forever dreaming about expanding my makeup brush collection and I just adore these brushes. 

3. And what list would be complete without a pair of louboutin's. There is nothing like investing in a pair of shoes that I know will serve me the rest of my life. 
4. To have either started or saved up to do a makeup course. It's not that I want to become a makeup artist nor do I even think I have the talent to pursue a career in it. I just feel it's the next right step. I would like some sort of qualification in a makeup artistry course. I feel there is so much we can learn for other beauty bloggers and youtubers but doing a course in it is something else. 

5. To have done one suger craft lesson or baking lesson. Baking for me is something that I adore doing. I wouldn't say I have a talent for it but I do find it easy and extremely enjoyable. I have always wanted to learn more.

So there you have it. My list of five things that I need to do before this very date next year. 

Do you have a list like this?


  1. Wahey, happy birthday (though I know you're not a fan), that's a fairly big list for a year - it's a good 'un though, hope you achieve everything :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I was thinking of doing a similar list for mine on Sunday :) x

  3. @sarah: thanks so much hun, I hope so two!!

    @daisychain: oh do! i would love to read it!

    @Orla: thanks so much doll!! :)


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