Feel the Dove Difference Event

So a few weeks ago I was invited to a  Dove event in our fair city. Upon arrival we where greeted to a Dove passport which I was to use to find the products from Dove’s amazing new range that would suit my hair and skin perfectly!

Have a look at some of Dove’s previous ad campaigns. Dove has really come along a long way and now it’s time for a new chapter in the long Dove history. The new campaign is called the Dove Difference. It’s taking those pamper nights to the next level especially when it comes to their hair care range. They have upped their game and have got many nods off approval over their new products from the beauty gurus.

Prepare to read many reviews on the new products and find out if I did feel the dove difference  to give you an idea of how Dove crazy the blog is going to be for the next while just check out the pic below! Between you and me I loving the new dove range! 

Do you have a favourite Dove product? What do you think of Dove?



  1. I really like Dove's deodrants. I'd love to try more of their range.

    C xx

    1. It really is amazing!
      keep an eye on a review of the hair care going to be up next week :) x

  2. I love Dove! I use their cream bars, roll on deo's and body washes all the time :D

    Louise x

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