Tips For Breaking In Heels

There is nothing like buying a brand new pair of heels that you have simply fallen in love with, and, can't wait to trot around showing off your new babies. You pop on home and try time on - perfection. They don't hurt (or don't hurt much) so you deiced to show them off in work. Twenty minuets into your day and it hits you like a brick wall. You can't move and heat, pinching and crippling agony is searing trough your feet. Sad times, who knows when that pair of shoes will see the light of day again.

Some shoes don't take too long to be broken into others it feels like a life time. However it can be done!

1. You can cause so much unneeded pain by walking toe first, it takes a little practise to get out of the habit of walking toe first but once you do you will notice a BIG difference. 

2. This is great if you work in a office, you can just pop them on when you are in work till they start hurting your feet and switch back into your comfy flats, simply repeat this process till they are broken in. You can also wear them when you are doing your weekly shop (I find this is a great way to brake  in any uncomfortable shoe)

3. This is by far my favourite trick in the book, I am a half size and high street stores do not provide half size shoes and when they do they never have them in stock so I am always stuck with a size 8 shoe. Not only does an insole make the shoe fit better but it gives much needed cushioning which works wonders at helping your new pair of heels adjust to your feet.

4. I have never actually used this but I have heard to works wonders and is super fast! Just pop on a pair of tick socks and squeeze your feet in those fab shoes and any areas that feel tight or are pinching your feel blast that hairdryer at them, let your shoes cool with your feet still in them and they should have stretched. 

Do you have any tricks for braking in shoes?

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