'THE VEIL' Needs YOUR Help

As some of you know I am involved in an amazing new Irish feature film which is simply amazing to be a part of and guys if you are reading this THANK YOU!

I have had the honor of reading the scrip (very protective write/director) and I can say its amazing! The trouble is we need funds to help create this amazing film. We have started filming but if we can't pay for the equipment etc we are not going to have much of a film on our hands. We know that times are tight and fully understand that you may not be abel to give, but if you can even a €1 that would be amazing as it means we are one step closer to our target. 

Check out the fund it link for more details about the production and enjoy the two trailers! I hope you like them 

The all important fund it link it bellow which has a lot more deets about the production!

The Veil Fund It Page (click here)

If you want to get more involved with whats going on (or are just noisy ;) ) check out these pages:

The Veil Facebook page

The Veil Twitter Page

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