A New Survey On Our Relationship With Food

So a few weeks back I popped along to a Lowlow event. We where not really sure what to expect considering we are all about the fashion and beauty not so much about the diet food – even though perhaps that something that goes on behind the scenes.

Lowlow had sponsored at bit of research into women and dieting along with how we perceive ad’s. There was a panel that consisted of Lucy Kennedy, Síle Seoigea philologists and nutritionist. They shared with us some of the findings and we had a little chat while we munched on some amazing lowlow inspired recipes.

The study on the attitudes of Irish women reveals that 77% believe that advertising campaigns selling diet and weight loss foods portray women having an unhealthy relationship with food. In reality the Irish female is more pragmatic in her approach. Food is not just a necessity – an overwhelming 81% believe that food is something to be savoured and enjoyed.

Worryingly, key statistics indicated that 78% of survey respondents view the models featured in stereotypical ads as having unrealistic, unattainable body shapes. In addition 51% felt the portrayal of women in these ads is clichéd. However it is clear this only serves to alienate Irish women because 74% say it would make them less likely to purchase the product being advertised.

According to the survey results, there is strong consensus amongst Irish women about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle – 74% agree that eating a balanced diet with the occasional treat equals a healthy lifestyle. It’s clear however that consumers are always looking for new ideas and help to fit this healthy diet around their busy lifestyles because 63% admit to feeling guilty when their food choices aren’t what they consider to be healthy.

LowLow’s study of the Irish female consumer shows just how disciplined and pragmatic she is in her approach to food.  57% say that tasty, healthy food is more important than being able to eat what they want (37%) proving that a ‘YesYes’ attitude to eating is the way forward!

What do you think of these findings? Do you feel you fall into these category’s?  At the end of the event we came to the conclusion that things are changing but we all need to change our attitude to food and not let those pesky ads or that slice of cake make up feel bad!



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