Get That Designer Dress For Less!!

So instead of spending the morning writing my dissertation I deiced to do a bit of window shopping on one of my favorite online super stores, Asos. 

When I first saw the D&G dress and after that almost every celeb has worn a version of the same print since then It stuck with me. I love the ruching that travels down from the neckline to hem helping to hid any unsightly lumps or bumps but over all it is such a faltering dress not too long and not too short. I adore the neckline creating a suggestion rather than a come at me boys look. Lastly the straps are wide enough so us ladies can wear a bra underneath! D&G really thought of everything! 

Frankly if I was in the market for an investment dress then that would be it! Sadly my pocket does not stretch to the £1,285 price tag that is attached to such a well made guna. It is quite difficult to find such a dress on the high street and I did go looking finding one or two that might do but didn't feel like I had found the 'dupe' if you will of the beloved D&G dress. 

This morning choosing to procrastinate via Asos I noticed there was a lovely 30%  off dresses (anyone who has a wedding coming up do check it out!) one of the dressed on offer resembled the lovely D&G dress I feel in love with many months back. The print may be very different but the classy black background is there making it an amazing transeasonal piece

It may have a sweetheart neckline, something that a lot of us smaller busted women tend to move away from. However the wide straps similar to the D&G dress allow for a bra to be worn underneath. Us smaller busted ladies may need a little bit of help from wonderbra but it will be worth it to wear this lovely Paper Dolls dress. 

There is one detail that the Paper Dolls dress offers that D&G don't. That is the built in belt detailing around the waist which will create a hour glass shape that most off us want to recreate.

What do you think of the two dresses? You can have a goo at the Asos dress here

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