Orla Kiely Geranium Bath & Body Review

Shower Gel: RRP €15.00 £12.00 // Hand Cream: RRP €15.00 £12.00 *

Orla Kiely is one of those huge Irish success stories. She has managed to created quite a name for her self and is now moving away from her famous handbags to explore other avenues. 

She recently created the Orla Kiely fragrance and home fragrance from the success of that she must have been inspired to created the stunning Geranium bath and body collection. Each product in the range is wrapped in the famous 'stem print' packaging give instant luxury to any bathroom or handbag! 

I find that the packaging for the whole range is a bit on the cheap side when you match the price tag, the only thing that I feel that justifies that price of the products V the packaging is the print. there is a nice feature of actually being able to see how much product you have left as the packaging doesn't wrap the whole way round. Something that a lot of high end brands tend to miss.

When I first tried the shower gel I didn't know what to think, it was a really tricky product for some reason. Did I like it or was there something that I didn't like about it? It is a thick and rich gel which reminded me of Molton Brown instantly and I suppose I was expecting the Molton Brown experience which is completely silly. Once I got over that it's a lovely rich shower gel that gets you clean in no time but gives you a luxurious experience which you wont find with super market brands.  

The hand cream is superb, I really can't fault it! It works fanatically especially after the dishes have been washed. If you are after a hand cream that is rich and will recover your hands from the most testing of activities then this is your man! 

The only thing I have to criticize is that the sent is far too strong for my liking. Especially in regards to the hand cream as i found i needed to apply it in public but was very aware that the scent is so strong and kinda lingers for a bit that it might upset those around me. Also I am not the biggest fan of strong scent's personally. 

Have you tired anything from the Orla Kiely range? Would you give anything a go? What do you think of her expanding into personal care? 
*PR Sample


  1. Great review! And amazing product:)


    1. aww thanks so much :) glad you liked the review!

  2. No i havent but i like the packaging

    Carrieanne x


    1. the packaging is so fab, pretty much iconic now


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