The Diet Sweet Treats/ Party Food

I love alternatives to bad food, there is always a way around that bad craving you just need to think outside the box! This one is one of my all time faves. 

What you need:
Dark Choc over 70% cocoa (this is the key, have to be over 70%)
Fresh Fruit 

1. Get your dark choc (any brand) just make sure its over 70%, this is super healthy but you wont eat as much as you would with milk choc so good times all round!

2. Chop up your fruit, any type of fruit that you have lying around!

3. Melt the choc

4. Cover each item of fruit in the lovely choc, I find using a fork works best and makes moving them onto the parchment super easy 

5. Place your fruit on the parchment, move to the freezer 

6. After about 15 min take them out and serve or place in the fridge and  you will have a lovely tasty treat that is super healthy and won't make you or your party guest feel guilty. 

NOTE: If you keep the chocolate covered fruit in the freezer for more than 30 min make sure to let them thaw out slightly before eating.

Tip: With your left over choc dip in some fruit for a quick tasty treat. 

I think this is a great snack to get children involved with, it takes minimal effort and its a great way to get them eating their five a day! I think it would be a super fun activity to do for any kids party. 

I really enjoy having these around on hot days and when I'm doing some of my dreaded college work!

What do you think of this diet friendly treat? 

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