Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri put to the test

 Hello Lovelies,

This week I am putting Insta-Dri to the test. I have use it on one hand (left) and I did not apply a top coat to the other hand (right). You can track exactly how Insta-Dri healed up. Insta-Dri is a top coat that dries your nails quicker it also is an anti-chip top coat that the same time.  I have seen a lot of posts out there giving this product a hard time so I have pictures of 8 days so you can make your own mind up about the product.

 DAY ONE After taking the picture below and me thinking that my nails where fully dry I hopped in the shower and came out whit my right hand full of imprints. Which you can kinda see in the flowing pictures.

I forgot to take a picture of my nails on the second day.







First thing I noticed is that it dose dry a lot quicker but also it gives your nails a lovely shine, so thumbs up there. It dose slow down the chipping process, I don't think there is any product out there that will completely stop your nail varnish from chipping unless you don't use your hands! One thing that must be remembered about Insta-Dri that I think people forget is that it primarily is a product that is designed to dry wet nails faster not an anti chip.

The colour I used on my nails was Barry M: Emerald Green. Listing to Grimes while writing this post


  1. i am always in need of a product that will dry my nails quickly because i am just too impatient! I will defo try this out, thanks :) xx

    1. Thanks for your comment :) Glad your going to try it out :) xxx

  2. I really like insta-dri. When I use it my nails don't chip for about 3 days. I'm nearly finished my first bottle and I'm going to buy a second bottle x


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