E.L.F Studio Brushes Review Part 1

Hello Lovelies,

I was hoping to do one post on my E.L.F Studio Brushes but it would have been too long so I'm splitting it into two. So for this post I will be focusing on the Stipple Brush, Powder Brush and Fan Brush. Before I start I would like to say that I have had these brushes for about 5 months now so I feel that I have a good sense of each of these brushes. Also across the board on the studio line brushes they all synthetic and anti bacterial bar the Retractable Lip Brush.

The Stipple Brush:

Overall I am disappointed I thought it would give an airbrushed finish, but alas it did not. Instead I was give lovely streaks all over my face and had to use my figure to blend in the foundation. So it basically doesn't do what it says on the tin. It also looks nothing like it dose in the picture on the website.
For €4.00 you can forgive them and over all they do amazing products for the price you pay.

Powder Brush:

Over all I am happy with it. I use it for contorting and it dose work. I have heard that people use it to apply liquid foundation and it works amazingly. But it is really grate for applying lose powder because it doesn't rub of any of your foundation due to its flat head, you just need to pat it on when applying. I love how soft this feel it doesn't feel harsh on my skin which is most important. I'm not blown away by it but it works and its a very good price once again €4.00.

Fan Brush:

This is the brush that I have used least out of all of my E.L.F brushes (besides one). When I have used it it dose work because its so soft it is very flexible so it can get right under the eye area to brush away and access without leaving any irritation. Once gain €4.00 not a bad price and it dose work.

Overall because they are so cheap I think they are really handy on a night out, just in case you forget to pop it back into your bag after you top up your make up and you wont mind too much if it happens all thanks to the lovely price!

Have you tried E.L.F brushes before? how did you find them? did you try the ones I have mentioned above, did you have the same experience as myself?


  1. Wow good to know, may have to get the powder one looks fab! nev used a stipple brush before but don't think I'll invest in this one. i use mostly models own and benefit brushes

  2. Glad you like it :) I never saw benefits brushes so I never really thought about looking at them, are the models own ones good??


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