Big Haul

Hello Lovelies,

This is my first ever haul, I have wanted to do one for quite a while but I always buy loads in one go so I feel like people may think that I have loads of money to spend. I do not as I am a broke student but I do save and I always go on mad shopping sprees so this is just from one of my most recent outings. 

I have split this post into two. The first half is make up and a few bits and bobs and the other is on You Tube which is linked at the very end of this post. 

The first thing I got what this plate form Ingot. These are the colours I chose:
First row (L-R): 346, 441, 439, 377, 494
Second row (L-R); 467, 15 ,51, 366, 382
I haven't used the second row at all yet but I am loving it!

The second thing I got was make up brushes. I got two brushes form Mac and one from Ingot. 
From mac I bought a 168 and a 187 so a couture and a stipple brush and form Inglot I bought a blending brush which is the 6SS.

I am slightly obsessed with the Kate Moss lipsticks and I already own shade 01. I am really glad I bought them because I am quite shy on the lip stick front but I want to become more daring so I am using her range to push onto more 'out there' colours. The two shades I bought where 03 and 04.

I'm not really sure what maid me want to buy this but I have wanted it for a while just to see what the story is with it. So far I can say I am glad I bought it. Only bad thing its is hard to get off but apparently (coming form someone who buys counter mascara) is that it is to be expected.

I am a huge fan of pare blanks, I love notebooks especially these ones because they are so unusual. I haven't used them yet because I still have my very boring note book for all my writing ideas. They are so pretty that I don't think I can use them just look at them lol.

I got my hair done the same day and I went from blond to brown/blond (it is actually not so straight forward to do so if you are interested in the process do let me know and I will do a quick post on it), but also because I am growing my hair as you know I thought it would be smart of me to buy this split end protector. So hopefully in three moths I should have less split ends! It also smells really pretty.

Just a quick photo of the cloths I got, and, this is the video here so enjoy!

If you have any questions about any of the items that I bought do let me know :)


  1. so jealous of your brushes! and i tried that hair mask before, its great xx

    1. Those brushes are amazing, especially the contour brush!
      I hope so, I keep looking at my hair for split ends now lol

  2. Love the look of the Kate lipsticks and really want to try they're real! x

    1. you should try the kate lipsticks, in the video I am wearing the 01 shade. they smell so nice!!
      You wont regret trying they're real, I was a bit sceptical at first but I don't think I will ever turn back!! x

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