Sally Hansen Diamond Strenght Review

Hello lovelies,
I was in sever need for this product, why?
I have very brittle nails, I suppose that's why I took to nail varnish the way i did so people wouldn't see the state of my nails.

On the packaging it says its an Instant Nail Hardener and that it helps to strop nails from breaking, and it helps to strengthen and grow as well.
I have been using this product for about 5-6 weeks maybe 4 or 5 treatments (is that the word to use?) anyway you know what I am talking about. 

I decided to see how long I could grow my nails before they looked gross I was able to grow them for 3 weeks maybe a bit more and for me that is huge, the most I usually let my nails grow its about a week and a half because they become so chipped. I don't have any pictures because who wants to see freakishly long nails without any varnish on em? On one nail there was a bit of pealing but that is in no where near the way they where. You have to keep in mind that after a certain length they literally just broke off!

Now my nails are so good, so much better than before I would highly recommend this as a product! It works and even though its a bit on the pricey side I would happily  pay for it again, this will last you a good while. Like any product it takes time to work and after using it twice you will see a difference.

This truly is the holy grail of nail repair treatments!

Price: not too sure I think it was around €11 or €12 in boots.

Update: correction on price, it is €13.85


  1. Good to hear, just bought a different sally hansen strengthner but if it doesnt work will definitely buy this one x

  2. @Audrey I didn't which one to get but I got what I thought was the strongest, who knew there could be so many different types of nail strengthens under the one brand! xxx

  3. Thanks for this review! I'm always in need of a GOOD nail hardener!


  4. No probs :) glad you like it :) xx


Thank you for you comment :) I will reply as soon as I can x


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