My new years resolution a month on

Hello Lovelies,

How is everyone doing on the new years resolution front? I haven't seen a post on an update on anyone's blog so I am literally dyeing for an update. So of you are in a blogging stump do an update pretty please.

If you missed what my resolution is you can read it here and why I chose to do this.

OK so its not exactly ambitious but my thinking was because it is so small and simple I will have a higher chance of sticking to it and gradually turning it into a routine.

So how did I do on my first new years resolution in over a decade?

Quite well, there are times when I just didn't bother and trying to do it at night time is the tricky thing, I think I need to do it before I get too tired and lazy to do it. Hopefully I will get it into a routine by March.


  1. I have the EXACT same resolution! It's difficult for me cos some nights I stay with my boyfriend so I feel like I have to carry all the products around with me. And then when I come back from nights out, I'm so exhausted that I usually just take my make up off with a makeup remover wipe and pass out! We really should try harder :P xxxx

    1. I am so glad there is someone else out there with the same resolution as myself!! Before I moved in with Paul I bought the min products they sell in boots and it worked grand. I have to say it is annoying if you are using a particular product that you are fond of and its awkward, but if you get those travel bottles in boots just put some of the product in there and your off!!

      OH I know, but at least you do have your make-up off unlike me some nights :P

      By the end of they year we will have cracked it!!



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