Second Female A/W Collection

It's time to put those sandal heels to bed along with those french  flora prints. As one of my favourite times of the year beckons closer, us fashion salves need to create a new wardrobe that will have us looking fashion forward faster than you can say Autumn/Winter 13/14.

I had never heard of Second Female which atomically brought to mind the french brand Selected Femme - don't ask my why I have no idea. While looking though the lookbook I am reminded of All Saints but brighter. The prices are around the same so these are investment pieces more than a quick trip down the high street. 

Second Female is a Dutch label which has been around since 2000 and has a strong following, it is only recently that it is entering this side of Europe but has been a huge success along its journey. 

Their A/W line this year, as is the defining feature of Second Female, minimalist tailoring is at the forefront of this years collection which will also feature my personal favoiryt for A/W chunky knits, and of course those stable pices such as bomber jackets, blazers and cigaret trousesr. The colours that will feature strongly are not in fact colours but tones, grays and black. Perfect for a fabulous A/W ensemble. 

One of my favorite trends for this seasons is the masculine trend which they have balanced with low key knit dress and elegant baroque-style detailing. Perfection in my eyes really. Of course we will be seeing embellished necklaces which where strongly featured the last two seasons and where would we be without those graphic print which have taken over the runways and the high street! 

I am so disappointed that I had not heard of this fab label till a few months back as it is right up my street! You can check out the full line here

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