Dress for the Oversized Look

If you're not big into catwalks and picking up this must have copy of Vogue then you might be a bit taken aback by the next BIG trend to hit our humble high street stores. It's all about the oversized look! Move over skinny jeans we want wide leg trousers to match with our boyfriend shirts and brogues.

Top: Urban Outfitters, Bralet: Urban Outfitters. Skirt: Ted Baker. Bag: Penneys/Primark. Shoes: Converse

How I created this look: 
I went for a shirt so it would cover my arms, as I knew I was going to show off my midriff. Underneath I chose a black lace bralet this allowed me to bring in a black skirt. The skirt is about two sizes to big – this created the oversized look. Unfortunately it didn't come across in the photo. A green floral print is featured in my shirt, because of this I was able to bring in the satchel. I chose to not use the strap as it gives a more masculine feel. I went for cons to give the look a casual twist but a pair of heels would give it a nice structure. I then finished the look off with a red lip giving the overall ensemble a bit of a feminine feel. 

It is a bit of an odd one to pull off. You don't want to hide your figure under clothes that will create the illusion that you are bigger than you are. I found the best way to get around this was with a crop top (or a shirt in crop-top form, as above). Considering the weather is going to turn into a lovely mess of freezing cold fronts and pouring rain a coat is the best way to introduce this trend into your winter outfit. Just pop on a pair of leggings/skinny jeans with a fab pair of patient boots and your good to go! 

As much as I would like to say this is just a two second trend I personally think we will be seeing it for a long time to come. One tip that I have to pull off this look successfully is: add structure, this will ensure that you wont look bigger than you are…..or perhaps a slim belt.

What do you think of this trend? Do you love it or do you hate it? Does it overwhelm you?

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