I haven't really been putting much thought into the wedding side of things as of late. It slightly depresses me to think about it, I know this blog is primarily a wedding blog but I have been having so much more fun wring about the pretty things in my life.

Recently I have been emailing Wedding Planners or Consultants as they like to be called and asking for help with the venue, if you follow this blog on the wedding front you will know that the wedding will be in Kerry but not only this as far south as you can go Dingle!

There is really only one venue that suits and that's the skelling hotel.  Myself and Paul don't like the venue, its very deb like and there is no wow about it.  Its very standard and the room its self is far too big for 100 people. Sadly it really is the only venue suited for a wedding.

I don't think I could cope with transforming that room into an entirely different room and I don't know any of the correct terms so the risk of saying one thing might translate into something different to someone else. Another thing that I found when I visited the hotel was that the woman was pushy, judgemental and only wanted to make a sale, last thing that I want to be dealing with quite frankly.

For the past while I have been wrecking my brain whit an alternative wedding ideas such as booking out a restaurant and having our closest friends and family at it.....problem whit that is I want to dance.

I have started to become so stressed with college lately  that I have started to use the wedding as a way of escaping from it. I think its actually making me more stressed.

One of the big problems is that we have no money saved or even a budget sorted out. Usually we just spend as we go and save for small things like trips away and the like. It's not even a case of putting 50% of our income into another account its that we cant afford to do that. I don't have a job and I have tried so hard to find a job the past two years but nothing has come of it, they only want people who will work 8 hours a week and have no other commitment, which is so bizarre or my experience dose not cut it. The chances of me getting a job this summer are slim because I plan on going on to do an MA so even if I did get a job would I have it in September? It would not be fair for Paul to start saving like that because he is supporting both of us (and the cat) on his income. A loan is the last thing we want as a very smart woman once told me that the only two loans a woman should have is her car load and her mortgage.

I am kind stuck in a rut with the wedding, I would love some sort of progress right now we have the church and a date. Ideally it would be fantastic if we have the church, the date and a venue with a deposit on it! The wedding is exactly a year and a half away today, it may seam a long time away but it really isn't.


  1. thanks for following hun, great post I know exactly how you feel and going though similar wedding stresses right now too. I am sure you day will be perfect though xx

    1. Thank you dear :)
      I'm glad to know I'm not alone, the worst thing about getting married young is there are no friends who have been married to ask for advice.

      I hope your stress passes and your day will be fab! :)


  2. Replies
    1. They really are amazing and the best bit is that they are real weddings!

  3. Wow I really like!

    1. Thanks so much :) that's such a nice comment :) xx


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