Wedding Guest List

This really is something that baffles me. First of all, its one of those things that get redone and redone again but it will never be right. So and so may have decided to go to America for a year and cant afford to go back. Even worse the dream venue has a min of 180 guests and you cant seam to reach that number....if only all your friends on Facebook where really your friends!

If you exclude family, how many other guests are you left with? not much to be honest. Maybe 40 or so between both bride and groom that you actually want to go and then it gets complicated because lets say Amanda is also friends with Jane but you don't really know Jane that well but you feel that you have to invite her  because Amanda would be upset and then Jane would and you don't want to have to deal with two women pmsing and eating your head off so you have to invite Jane and she HAS to go to ceremony because Amanda would still eat your head off. But lest not forget about Jane's on and off boyfriend for the past five years, he has to go as well!

After this happens for 10 or more people the list rises and rises and rises but yet you cant reach that 180 mark so what do you do? Go on to Facebook and see you may have 'forgotten' so you invite those 10 extra people people hoping that A, Only the 4 people that you really need to go will go B, They RSVP and C, that not all will accept. Oh but all that doesn't include there plus one that you forgot about so now you have reached the minim amount of guests but you have gone over budget by €300 for the venue.

You cant really uninvite people especially since you hinted at them that they where invited.

Yes that can happen so easily, right now for the past week yes week I have been deciding on should I invite my own Jane or not. The reality is I don't know 'Jane' any more, we hardly talk so I really shouldn't and I'm sure if 'Amanda' dose prove herself to be a decent friend she will understand. Even though that venue is the 'dream' venue and there is no way that I can reach that min number of guests.

What really need to be done, is to sit down there and just cut people form the list, and think of new venue. You need to be fair on your self and don't put pleasing other people first! It's your wedding you say what goes! Look at your guests and ask yourself who would be there for you in a second if things went wrong and then look at those who you will be happy to pay for there meal and drink.
For those that fall outside that category they are not worth worrying about or even thinking about. (even if it is a member of  the family)

People do get over things and a wedding is an intimate affair that you want people who love and care for you to surround you.


  1. didnt realise the invitation list would be so difficult, however after all the fuss it be defs worth it xx

    1. I know! If the invites are this bad, wonder how bad the seating chart would be :p

  2. asian weddings go to 500 guests...most of them the parents friends.
    on the plus side, we don't do gifts, we give money, so i actually gained =P


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