Homemade makeup remover

Ever come home from a night out and just think f**k it and crawl into bed?
I do it all the time, well I try not to but I cant help it.

I have found a quick solution to this!!
It even removes stubborn mascara!

Olive Oil

I know what your thinking, doesn't that clog up pores, well ladies it dose not! Because the molecules in olive oil are so large they cant clog up your prose.

So this is what I do.
I lather my face in this goodness and pop some on a cotton wool , I leave the oil to do its magic for a bit and then wipe away all of that icky make up. I then wash my face with cold water to make sure I get rid of the oil.
For the eye make up, using the cotton wool with olive oil on it I just place it on my eye lid for a second to make sure the oil gets a chance to brake down the make up.

You may have to repeat the eye area just to make sure all the mascara is gone, and you wake up panda eye free the next day!

So what do you think? Would you give this a try? Or have you tried this before?


  1. I tried this a few weekends ago, when I left all my cleansers in college. Mixed some olive oil with baby oil, & was so impressed with it!

    1. It really is magic! and so cheap!! xx

  2. I wrote a blog post on this last year, It's the only product I will use to remove my make-up. It's also great as a moisturisr <3 xxx

    1. Yeah I haven't looked back! Oh its fantastic, I also use it as a scrub which will be in a post in a while xxx


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