Eau Thermale Avéne Anti-redness cream

This has been my winter go too product of last year. I think its amazing, compared to other products that are designed for dry skin this is light, I didn't feel that I was wearing a heavy duty products that just drags me down.

Like I said before this is a really light product, more like a wonder product that anything else. It has a tint of green pigmentation in it to dull down redness. It also has a SPF 10 in the mix, even more thumbs up for that especially in winter where we often forget to protect our self from the suns rays. This products SPF has been increased to 25.

If you do have redness on your skin and don't want to wear make up to hid it or want to give your skin a brake I would recommend it. It did not get rid of all the redness and I really do think its a lovely product to use. I would strongly recommend this!  Here is a link to there website

Have you used this product before? Have you used anything form there range?

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