Noom dieting app for android.

When I  upgraded to an android phone I decided to look at the apps that where on offer (I would like to note I had to down grade so the screen shots could be dated)

I didn't intend to look for anything that would help with dieting but it intrigued me and it was free so why not!

I have to say I am happy I did download Noom as I am actually losing weight! Shock horror I know!

So why is this wonder app so great?

Its not harmful, instead it aims to show you how to lead a healthy life.
When you first install it, it asks you to record your Age, Sex, Weight, and target weight. Once that's all done it gives you more information about the app, such all the different challenges you will have to do each day, logging your breakfast or how much veg you have eaten throughout the day. It also encourages you to do some exercise three times a week.

It has a huge physiological impact as you have to log in each item of your meal, don't worry its not a pain or having to log in the exact calories. What it does is it puts food into three different categories’, Green, Amber, and Red. This encourages you to make minor changes. I now drink green tea and instead of full fat milk I now use soy. They are small changes but have a huge impact.

This app is full of happy encouragement. From each weigh in to when you do some exercise. 

In regards to exercise you realize that every movement is exercise. Even give the house a quick hoover! In this screen shot the Noom coach is encouraging me to walk around the house during ad brakes. 

What I don't like about Noom?

I don't like how the coach wants you to do a weight in every second day - I would prefer if it was once a week as you can go up and down for no real reason.

I don't like the forms. I find some of the people on them to be just plain nasty. There is also a lot of talk of teenagers with eating disorders that should not on it full stop! I also think that there are too many young teenagers on 12 or 13 thinking that they are overweight.

Over all

I love it. The down sides are not so bad and it encourages you to make life changes instead of temporary. Since I had to downgrade the message that Noom wants to teach you and food and diet really stuck with me which is a huge singe of how great this app really is. 

Do you have this app? how did it go for you? Has this encouraged you to try out this app?



  1. Have you tried Noom recently? I just installed an update on mine and its pretty much the same just with weekly weigh-ins and better articles! Oh I know what you mean about the forums, some are completely depressing to read!

  2. No I havent its been a while. I switched back to an old phone which isn't a smart phone. Some of the people are utter horrible, I asked a question once and they where so rude....well rude is not the word but it was bad out!

  3. Is it worth purchasing Noom Pro?

    1. I am not sure, I dont have it.

      I think now as they have other add ons it might be but I dont think you really need it unless you are under pressure to reach your goal weight


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