November Wish List

Yup November, that weird time of year, just after Halloween and just before Christmas (yes i did say it!) where you really don't know what to do with yourself.

Black is definitely the theme of this post by the looks of it. 
Top: The Top
Shape wise its not very attractive. What it has going for it is the sleeves that conveniently cover bingo wings and it can be worn in bother A/W and S/S
Hat: The Hat
I have been obsessing over this hat for quite some time. I really see it as being a staple for the next few seasons at least.
Dress: That Dress
A black dress... now not the black dress, but how wrong can you go with a black dress. I love the detail on the back. There is plenty of movement in the skirt which means that it skims neatly over the stomach and hips and shows off that lovely waist.
Bag: That Bag
Since my current bag has seen better days, my eyes conveniently feel upon this beaut, now its not much to look at but view the link and you will see it from every angle. I adore how it opens like the old style doctors brief case.

Anything here take your fancy? Whats your November wish list? 



  1. I want the hat too!! I've had my eye on it ages but cant find one that suits me that I like :/ love the dress :)

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

  2. @misseblog: I ordered the hat there last week so will hopefully be on my head some time soon and will not be coming off!!

    @daisychain: I really want to do that, its all so fab...really want that bag


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