Christmas Blogger Meet Up (2012 edition/Dublin edition)

So a few weeks back the amazing Sarah hosted a fab blogger meet up. It really was lovely to meet all few of those who I would talk to online face to face.

Sarah really did out do her self this year with booking a room! Yes we where inside not in the freezing cold of Dublin streets. We also had amazing guest speakers. Two which talked about there amazing products and three of which who are bloggers. We even had a photographer !!

A while back I was speaking to someone on twitter and she told that she didn't want to attend a blogger meet up in her area. Out of worries and nerves more than anything. So I though I would share with you why I think its such a good idea to go to these meet up's even if its just one!

There is such a strong community around blogging and there are so many of us now at this stage that it's easy to get lost in the crowed. Yes there are divides that can be seen on twitter but that's the way it is with anything in life. The key word is community these girls and boys got your back! You can definitely build strong bonds online but they are stronger when you meet these people face to face.

I think these meet ups are great for any kind of blogger no matter what following they have. There is something about being able to discuss your own blogging problems with people face to face you get deeper into whatever the issue at hand is.

It's also amazing to just know these people. Once again going back to the word community this is one and you will not regret embracing your local blogging community.


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