My wonder product of 2012: Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimiser

Sadly whatever way my skin is, it results in pores and I'm pretty sure as I get on in years they will just multiply. For years I just starred at the mirror hoping nobody noticed these disgusting open pores.

Thankfully I found the Idealist range by Estée Lauder and have not looked back. The ingredients that are in this wonder product help to reduce the appearance of pores to almost nothing!

Sadly to date there is nothing out there that will reduce open pores permanently, if there was I would be first in the queue! 

I love the feel of the serum on my skin, it leaves your skin feeling velvety and smooth. It takes a while for the product to fully work its wonder, but once it dose keep it up as it all the hard work will be undone. 

I have tried other pore minimiser's in the past  but I feel that are not as effective at Estée Lauder. 

No matter how broke I am, I always find a way to keep this product in stock.  I have no idea what I would do with out. It really is my wonder product of the year and probably form many more years to come.  

What is your wonder product of 2012? Have you tried this product? are your thoughts the same as mine?

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